back to article MASSIVE FAIL: Indian gov DOXXES net neutrality campaigners

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has dumped more than a million Indian netizens' traceable personal details online, after it decided to publish, in full, the emails it received as part of its consultation paper about net neutrality. Obviously deeply convinced by last week's arguments for transparency in internet …

  1. Niel Hirjee

    TRAI buckled under before the DDOS

    I was attempting to view the web pages containing the comments from "others" - the internet users of India - and was able to browse and download a few days worth of comments till about 2pm IST, when some of the pages 404'ed.

    I suspect TRAI had at that time started the process of removing the pages, in response to reports in the media blaming TRAI for the loss of privacy of Indian netizens. The DDOS started a little later, I think; TRAI had already buckled in and was attempting to remove the pages containing email addresses and other personally identifiable information about Indian internet users.

  2. Crisp

    Is that a screenshot of a detailed .net error?

    That's a rather big mistake to make on a commercial website.

    1. depicus

      Re: Is that a screenshot of a detailed .net error?

      Same type of error message I got from the co-op energy payment page last year, it took them 4 months, and multiple emails to them, to fix - great for a payment site.

    2. elDog

      Re: Is that a screenshot of a detailed .net error?

      Do you mean the debug dump from ASP.NET or the fact that they are using IIS and .NET at all?

  3. Stevie Silver badge


    And the best part is that if India follows and extends New York State's practice of overriding caller ID and auto callback on Government Departments Phones (because callers are agents of the governmental will and not individuals, though if they leave a message on your answering machine it sort of presupposes they want to talk with you eventually so why make it hard FFS?) there will be no way of tracing whoever made the dump and so ... India Becomes Wikileaks.

    Interestingly, the details divulged by the leak are about as interesting as the actual Wikileak about how Ben Afleck was reluctant to have it known that his great-something Grandfather owned slaves.

    This Means Something.

  4. Crazy Operations Guy

    Self-causing DDoS?

    I'd think that it isn't so much a DDoS attack as its just a bunch of people trying to grab the data and are just overloading the servers in the process. From my experience with government websites, I'd think that they were built around the concept that very few people actually read up on government affairs (politicians, law school students, journalists, and other sad-sacks that got saddled with reading through records of government proceedings...)

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