back to article Thought your dept was on budget this year? THINK AGAIN, matey

Tech buyers will likely need to revisit budget forecasts at the month's end with another price hike on commodity hardware to be pushed through by vendors in response to the relative appreciation of the dollar. Since last summer the US currency is up 15 per cent against the UK Pound (the impact on the Euro is even more …

  1. Alan Brown Silver badge


    Just about all our kit is quoted in USD converted at the prevailing rate (even for EU suppliers)

    Nobody's been keeping quotes current for more than 14 days for over a year.

    So why would there be a rate hike? Unless the USD is falling in relative value vs the Renminbi?

    1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

      Re: Huh?

      You mean an automatic price hike is not actually a price hike?

      Sounds like something Mario Draghi could come up with.

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