back to article Chrome 42 breaks vSphere web client thanks to ye olde NPAPI

One of the most-derided features of vSphere was its web client. We say “was”, because VMware made a point of improving it in vSphere 6.0. vAdmins are generally pretty pleased with those new arrangements, but now have cause to be a bit miffed if they use Google's Chrome browser because it breaks the vSphere Client Integration …

  1. A Non e-mouse Silver badge

    Bad light?!?

    If anything Chrome killing off a management plugin puts VMware in a bad light for using crusty formats, rather than signalling any tension between the pair.

    VMware was in a bad light to start off with for using Flash for their management interface, long before Chrome dropped NAPI support.

    BTW - Google announced a while ago that Chrome was dropping NAPI support, so why wasn't VMware prepared for this?

    1. Dan 55 Silver badge

      Re: Bad light?!?

      Perhaps they can't do it with Google's API du jour. Maybe sandboxing NPAPI like Apple and Mozilla have done is a better idea.

  2. batfastad

    Browser plugin required?


    1. chivo243 Silver badge

      Re: Browser plugin required?

      Yes it fails, as well as the stand alone remote console. On a mac it installs, but no menu items available, everything is grayed out, could be I'm missing the obvious on a Monday!

  3. bigtimehustler

    Also, you can specifically turn on the feature even in the new chrome if you really do need it, so anyone using this should be able to do that until a new version is released anyway, so not such a big deal.

  4. wilhil

    This doesn't fix file transfer/browsing to datastore though which is the issue I had that led me to this article...

    1. Terafirma-NZ

      make sure the time in vCenter and your client machine is the same as the ssl encryption will not run it is it out. there is a 5 minute tolerance but I would try get them to align.

  5. Adrian Bridgett

    I reported this to a large vDirector cloud provider 9 months ago. Total lack of any response.

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