back to article Raytheon suspected of readying for Websense slurp

The biz-wires are abuzz with industry talk that enterprise net-filter outfit Websense will be slurped by Raytheon for a cool $US1.9 billion. Now an e-mail and Web security company with deployment options from the desktop to the cloud, Websense had long lived under the wing of private equity company Vista Equity Partners (VEP …

  1. gerdesj Silver badge

    Wandering proxy

    If you are a Websense user, you may be aware that they have multiple clusters around the world. Try this experiment:

    * Browse the interwebs and see what country your cluster is in

    * Start up a SSL based VPN, does the cluster change?

    I noticed by accident whilst monitoring Netflows with a GeoIP thing that a customer on my site who used Websense had their connection mysteriously suddenly change from an EU proxy cluster to a US based one whilst their office VPN was running. When they stopped the VPN it switched back.

    I nearly ran out of tin foil as a result 8) I have a sample of one and that is anecdotal and not data ...

    1. obrien

      Re: Wandering proxy

      That's standard for all the major web security vendors.

  2. h4rm0ny

    With apologies to Wilde:

    "The unethical, in pursuit of the unusable."

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    In search of another avenue of dubious data collection, then.

    Raytheon is already known for an analytics system designed to predict the the movements behaviour of targets from their activity on social media (with the subtle acronym, RIOT). Still always nice to have another data-slurping source to share with the various dictatorships they say they haven't sold it to.

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