back to article Bluetooth SIG launches dev studio to encourage development

A new software tool aimed at promoting Bluetooth development has been launched into Beta by the Bluetooth SIG. It spans a broad range of skill sets, from those people who’ve never used Bluetooth but want to incorporate it into their apps, to experts who want to generate and distribute plug-ins. With The Internet of Things (IoT …

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    1. Jimmy2Cows Silver badge

      Yeah but you have the choice to not buy such a product. Do your research as far as is possible and pick the best device that meets your requirements and budget.

      I get what you're saying but not sure how much difference it would make, given stuff from supposed experts and big players are being found with enough holes to put a colander to shame, one clearly can't rely on those allegedly skilled in the art to get it right either.

      Tricky one. I would hope the sdk has been built by those that understand such issues, and the framework has been properly designed so end users of the sdk don't have to worry about things like security, they can just get on with making stuff safe in the knowledge that the security has already been built in.

  2. Bob Dunlop

    What OS then ?

    They don't even tell you which platform the dev sys runs on.

    So I'll just have to assume it won't run on mine :-(

    Not that a dumbed down system is likely to be a lot of use.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: What OS then ?

      I think it will be either windows or android based with preference going to windows unless it is web based in which case heaven help us.

  3. arober11

    Creating app's / modules that comply with the SIG is trivial, there are numerous libraries, tutorials, templates, and the protocol is well documented.

    Have found the issue lies with the majority of HARDWARE vendors adding their own special / additional magic to the devices they manufacture. A SIG compliant app will be unable to access the 40% of the services / attributes broadcast by the majority of devices, as their hiding behind a proprietary UUID's, so are unknown / unusable by an app unless the developer has had a chat and probably paid a few pennies to the manufacturer to find out what numbering scheme they're using for the features / attributes.

  4. ecofeco Silver badge

    Fixed it for you

    Give me your lightbulbs, your locks, your net-enabled forks yearning to be PWNED!

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