back to article NASA to put the stars in your hands with coming-soon-now API portal

NASA has let it be known its working on an API portal so it can put more data into developers' hands. “Data is one of the most important assets at NASA,” writes Dan Hammer, a presidential innovation fellow at the agency. “”We have data on comets, measurements of mars, and real-time imagery of earth. But what good is data if …

  1. richardcox13

    Compared to an anoying Canadian

    > It's also about a thousand times smarter and more interesting.

    Talk about damning with faint praise…

    1. PNGuinn

      Re: Compared to an anoying Canadian

      I was going to say "Just how far can you go insulting NASA?"

  2. This post has been deleted by its author

  3. Dave Harvey

    Over to you ESA (and especially Holger Sierks)

    Good principles here from NASA.

    Sadly though, the odds of ESA/Holger Sierks/Max-Planck-Institut following NASA's lead with their publicly funded data and images from Rosetta etc. must be approximately zero :-(

  4. Mark 85 Silver badge

    At least the API won't find itself in trouble with the law for doing stupid things.... nor will it have swarms of teeny-boppers and teeny-bopper-wannabees swarming and screaming. What a world we live in.

  5. Nigel The Pigeon

    Another Eath

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaase NASA can we get some new Earth and Night-time Earth images! The same popular ones are used in *every* frickin' demo and tool and 3d spinning map thing!

  6. Martin Budden Silver badge

    “is as popular as Justin Bieber”

    I reckon there are more people who dislike Bieber than like Bieber, which means he has negative net popularity.

    OTOH nobody dislikes the Astronomy Picture of the Day service (admittedly many are "meh" but that's not dislike) and so it has positive net popularity.

  7. stairway

    Now to find a way to make Celestia auto-update with all this sweet NASA honey.

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