back to article Hey, you wanna help run the internet? This power restructure is for YOU

The organization that oversees the top level of the internet, ICANN, will be restructured into a true membership-controlled organization under plans drafted this week. That's important because ICANN, right now, has the keys to the web, and the more that can be done to hold it to account, the better. A blueprint for that …

  1. E 2

    It looks like

    ... a diagram of an amoeba or paramecium. But with no DNA in the nucleus.

  2. Notas Badoff


    Maybe it will make more sense re-read a couple times, but I'm scratching my noggin now because of all the moving parts, yet a suspicion no good governance will be in the actual outcome. Perhaps a simple question to elicit more information?

    How is this different from how the 'leaders' of Hong Kong are 'elected'?

    1. Yes Me Silver badge

      Re: Complicated...

      > How is this different from how the 'leaders' of Hong Kong are 'elected'?

      I'm not sure I want to accept that gambit. The point is that it's a fairly technical business (where 'technical' means both computer science and legal technicalities) and this really means that it has to be run by a technocracy. And what you see in the diagram is that a whole lot of technical communities around the world select the technocrats, most of them using open nomination processes. I think we can call it a demotechnocracy.

      It is pretty much bound to be complicated. A shame that the underlying job of work (listing the TLDs and registrars, as I said on another thread) gets lost in the noise.

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