back to article Symantec may flog off Veritas – but where's the CEO hunt at?

Symantec is being pressed to sell its Veritas storage unit to private equity instead of floating it as an independent publicly-owned business, according to reports over the weekend. Symantec intends to split itself into separate security and storage businesses as a way of re-igniting growth for both. CEO Michael Brown will …

  1. bowaters

    Does anybody know what time it is?

    Veritas? Is this the same kit we loved to install in the 90's?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    So a 5.5 Billion dollar loss on the deal

    I bet the Execs paid themselves a fortune however.

    I said at the time it was a dumb idea to join together an anti-virus company to a backup and storage management company. There were zero 'synergies' in that deal.

    Veritas is now obsolete in many product lines - their storage management software that was needed before is now present for free in modern windows and Linux o/s. What are you getting for your billions - a sub par backup product in a crowded market with better alternatives.

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