back to article Fraudsters target Nazi Android malware at Russian bank customers

Alleged members of a gang of "cyber-fascist" Android malware-slingers have been arrested in Russia. The alleged perps behind the scam targeted customers of Russian bank Sberbank with software they called "Fifth Reich", which used Nazi symbols in the management system. Fraudsters targeted malware attacks at Android-operated …

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  2. Ralph B

    Fifth Reich?

    Did I miss the Fourth Reich?

    (Hmm. The First, Second and Third Reichs lasted 844, 47 and 12 years respectively. So, extrapolating from that data, I suppose it is quite likely that the Fourth Reich has been and gone without anyone noticing.)

    1. dogged

      Re: Fifth Reich?

      > Did I miss the Fourth Reich?

      I don't know. Probably not if you're Greek.

  3. Crazy Operations Guy

    Western Facists?

    Since when has Russia been considered the West?

  4. Sebastian A

    Given Russia's recent ham-fisted attempts at propaganda...

    I instinctively presume the malware itself is an attempt by Russia to make the West look bad. It's certainly not beyond them to inconvenience their own people a bit just to make a point.

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