back to article Gartner forecast dartboard falls off wall, lands in pile of crumpled dollars

The mystics at Gartner have changed their mind: the value of the IT spending isn’t going to grow this year after all, and it is all the fault of the pesky tea leaves US dollar. The re-forecast indicates global expenditure will shrink 1.3 per cent on 2014 to $3.66tn, which is way off last year’s prediction of 3.9 per cent …

  1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

    Fiddling while the Weimar Situation is resurgent

    “This is not a crash, even if it looks like one,”

    About as recomforting as your dotty doctor saying "this is not terminal cancer, even if it looks like one".

    John-David Lovelock: “rapid rise in the value of the US dollar against most currencies has put a currency shock in the global IT market."

    It's all relative. On the way down the toilet, the dollar seems to be the least sick man: Why The Dollar Is Rising As The Global Monetary Bubble Craters

  2. Mikel

    Quacks like a duck

    “This is not a crash, even if it looks like one,”

  3. Captain DaFt


    "Gartner forecast dartboard falls off wall,"

    How is that possible? I thought their trick was to throw the dart first, then draw a dartboard around where it stuck.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: What?

      Well, that's what happens when editors muck with reporter's copy. The draft said the wall fell down. The editor said that didn't make sense. Hence the correct in intent but wrong in raw facts metaphor.

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