back to article Backup Exec worships VMware's spanking new ESXi appeal

Proprietary backup software Backup Exec is now in its mid-teens, with v15 eying up VMware and its distinct six appeal, as well as cosying up to Amazon. The hybrid cloud rules, OK! The soon-to-be-split Symantec, with Veritas being the storage brand and company, said BE 15 supports the latest VMware enhancements on the source …

  1. SniperPenguin

    If you want to support VMWare, you work with per-socket licensing......

  2. Marc 25


    I'd rather p!ss on my own shoes then let BUE back into my infrastructure.

  3. John 104


    We have BE here. I hate it. Licensing isn't too expensive as of yet, but with their new product and split I expect things to get expensive for our next renewal in Dec. Might be a good time to check out Veem.

    Oh, and I'll need a towell to clean up the urine in my shoe that someone else put there prior to my arrival...

  4. @hansdeleenheer

    You want to be a guinnea pig?

    (disclaimer: former Veeam employee)

    Backup Exec historically was one of the LAST Backup software solutions to support new platform releases. This time Symantec announced Day0 support at the vSphere RTM. This is RIDICULOUS! This literally means that they will just see what happens in your environment and will 'support' your cases if and when things go south. No company can give a Day0 support because they don't even have the code of the RTM release before it is RTM! There have always been changes especially on the backup APIs between RC and RTM.

  5. WireBug

    BUE is a dying horse

    BUE is a nightmare long behind me since our environment went virtual. Sorry Symantec, but BUE just does not cut it anymore.... Veeam is a backup dream come true and I sleep much more easily at night with it taking care of our backups.

    Per Socket licensing and a feature rich standard edition, now with encryption, just can't beat that.

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