back to article Irvine Welsh offers A Decent Ride, while the The Discreet Hero is yet to be revealed

Irvine Welsh has maintained a phenomenal work rate and consistency over the last two decades. A Decent Ride is his new novel and reprises one of his characters from previous works: "Juice" Terry Lawson who Welsh aficionados will remember as the incorrigibly priapic one in Glue and Porno. The novel opens with Terry attending a …

  1. Gordon 10 Silver badge

    Bizarre as it may seem

    poo transplants are actually a valid treatment for some gut/bowel diseases.

    1. AbelSoul

      Re: Bizarre as it may seem


      Apparently they can be beneficial where the gut of the patient is lacking helpful bacteria, such as after a course of strong antibiotics.

      A quick search turned up this clinic, who appear to specialise in said procedure.

    2. auburnman

      Re: Bizarre as it may seem

      I seem to recall when they tested the procedure on a group with severe gut disorders they had to stop the test early as the results were so black and white. The treatment group almost universally saw massive improvement and the control group quickly figured out they hadn't actually had the procedure and begged for it.

  2. DocJames


    1% is routinely quoted as the number of human cells compared to the number of bacteria in the gut. (This ignores the skin, respiratory, genital etc microbiomes)

    And faecal transplants have been discussed ad nauseum on this site already. They work for situations where an individual's microbiome has been so severely disrupted that shoving in someone else's crap makes things better.

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