1. tabman

    Apple TV -

    Hi everyone,

    Does anyone here own an Apple TV? My friend is considering buying one but I have a couple of concerns though that I haven’t been able to fully answer through research on the net. Hopefully someone here can give me a few pointers. She will be using this in place of, not alongside, a terrestrial TV service (viewing probably 6+ hours Monday-Friday and 12+ Saturday / Sunday. I’m not really looking for advice on whether Apple TV is better or worse than Roku (or similar devices), I’m looking for advice on the legal & technical side.

    She believes that by using the ATV, she will no longer need a TV licence. Is that correct? She is planning on blanking off the TV aerial connector on the wall as a way of proving that she will not be watching live broadcasts but surely she still could through services like iPlayer?

    She would be using her iPhone as a hotspot to provide the connectivity for the ATV. Is this realistic? Are there truly uncapped or very large data plans for mobiles which are not unrealistically expensive?


    1. only_mortal

      Re: Apple TV -

      Not a huge difference between the Apple TV and the Roku3 in the UK. Both have iPlayer, NowTV and Netflix.

      If you're in an Apple world, the Apple TV is a better way due to iTunes and AirPlay mirroring.

      Roku has M-Go (US only afaik) and wifi mirroring from modern Android devices. It can also see some streaming servers on a LAN but doesn't know many codecs.

      I've got a Roku3 connected over a VPN to the States for a better experience. Netflix, M-Go and Amazon Prime are offered amongst many services you don't see in the UK.

      Forget tethering. Get a real internet connection.

    2. Christena421

      Re: Apple TV -

      Sir i have Sony TV but my uncle have Apple TV and they no need to get a licence, i don't know about hotspot sir.

  2. kanavsingh

    Is apple tv worth buying ? or should i go for android tv?

    1. DidierAubin87

      It is your own option, Apply products are perfect to me, and I think all Apple products have their own functions which others don't get

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