back to article Ex-XIV execs expeditiously exit to expectant E8

Say hello to E8 Storage, a stealthy Israeli start-up founded by two XIV veterans. CEO and co-founder Zivan Ori was an R&D manager at IBM-XIV for five years up until 2013. He spent 16 months as chief architect at Stratoscale – another stealthy storage start-up – then left to set up E8 in November 2014. Co-founder Alex Friedman …

  1. klaxhu

    Is it just me, or the number of commodity AFA* out there is too damn high!

    *server+ssd+some "clever" features

    On the other hand, there seem to be plenty of available investors ready to splash out on potential big money makers.

    So here comes the question: are they all doing it because they think they can come out with a much better product, or because of the potential quick money, then move off and do the next?

  2. Buzzword

    Tech takeovers - who really benefits?

    So you've developed a new product, one which (in the current storage environment) is "new" for about three months. You sell out quickly to a big company, take the money, and run; leaving them with a rapidly-depreciating product and no staff who know how it works. After a year the product is discontinued, support ends, and customers are shafted. IBM tries to persuade customers to "upgrade" to the latest shiny storage product and this time the customer tells them where to shove it. Neither IBM's shareholders nor their customers benefit. Meanwhile the startup's founders rinse and repeat, while laughing all the way to the bank.

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