back to article Samsung takes Google into third dimension of flashy storage

It's a 3D flash flood: Korean 3D flash-furtler Samsung has landed Google as a customer, according to the Korean Times. The report says Google's data centres will use Sammy's 3D NAND, which the paper has previously reported will also be used in forthcoming MacBooks from Apple, and which we understand is also utilised by Amazon …

  1. Jim O'Reilly

    Raising the bar

    3D flash significantly raises the bar for replacement technologies. ReRAM looks like the only one, right now, that can easily reach the same data density. ReRAM may be able to mount a challenge on power use and speed, but the Samsung success probably delays introduction even more.

    1. BPeterF

      Re: Raising the bar

      Natural selection at work right in front of our The Registet relayed eyes! May the best technology win in this case - and win without much delay. Let's hope something similar to the blind spot in our (and many other) eyes is not becoming simulated in silicon by the microchip industry, or, if it is, not for very long!

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