back to article Blood Relatives, The Tears of the Rajas and The Fifth Gospel

El Reg bookworm Mark Diston looks at literature's latest with a compelling debut novel from Stevan Alcock. The days of empire in India get up close and personal due in no small part to Ferdinand Mount's well-documented family history. And for those with a taste for antiquity, Ian Caldwell's latest gives Dan Brown a run for his …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Not more queers

    Why is our society so obsessed with sexual immorality?

  2. MrT

    Good reviews...

    The first two sound well worth looking out for.

    I grew up in 60s/70s Yorkshire, in old West Riding bits that flipped into North Yorkshire when the boundaries changed. After later spending a few years in Liverpool I moved back to Leeds for about a dozen years. The Ripper was a shadow over the whole region in the 70s, and the effects were still being felt into the 80s, even out into the Dales and beyond. I remember friends in Ripon whose families hailed from the North East having visits from the police to interview anyone with a Geordie-ish accent following one of the more believable hoaxes. It'll be interesting to see if Blood Relatives brings back the sense of the shift in the way people behaved as a result.

    Overall, the book review column is a welcome addition to ElReg.

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