back to article VMware channel confirms price hikes from next month

The meteoric rise of the US dollar relative to currencies in Europe and other parts of the globe is the reason VMware is reducing channel discounts by mid-to-high single digits and why user pricing will rise. Virtzilla and its distributors have warned their reseller and integrator customers of the pending tweak to the …

  1. btrower

    Protection racket economics

    The cost of *not* pursuing you for infringement just goes up and up. You can hardly blame them. Where would they be without those increases? Those people hauling wheelbarrows full of money down the vaults aren't free.

  2. alain williams Silver badge

    They need to pay their lawyers

    who are defending them in court over their GPL infringement:

    They will need even more money after they have lost to rewrite their code so that it does not rely on them just grabbing someone else's code and ignoring the license.

    They would be very upset if others did that and used their product without paying them ... thinking about it - since it is based on GPL code, it must be licensed under the GPL, so you can do that - just take a copy and use it where you want to.

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