back to article Facebook's phone KILLER: Messenger will replace TALKING, says Zuck

Facebook is giving businesses a boost in its Messenger chat app, by making companies and brands first-class citizens on the social network. Developers will soon be able to integrate their own apps with Messenger via a new facility called Messenger Platform, while businesses will be able to enhance online shopping via an …

  1. Vector

    " definitely doesn't feel like the future."

    I dread a version of the future where I have to be on Facebook in order to conduct business.

    Nothing in this article feels particularly compelling. "Interactive Receipts?" You mean like making them clickable on a webpage? Keeping contacts from a business grouped together? Kinda like making a folder and a rule in email.

  2. Graham Marsden

    " I actually don't know anyone who likes calling businesses...

    "... It's just not fast or convenient."

    For whom, Zuck?

    Personally I think that *most* people would prefer to call a business and speak to a human being who can (possibly) at least apply some intelligence, rather than have to deal with a useless "click on one of these pre-defined links which don't do anything to address your problem or are barely relevant to the situation" piece of nonsense which will end up with you running around in circles like a hamster in a wheel.

    Ok, often when you do phone you'll get through to a call centre drone who will be clicking on the same pointless links, but at least you have the chance of escalating matters to someone who has more than a couple of braincells to rub together and may actually be able to do something useful.

    1. agamemnus

      Re: " I actually don't know anyone who likes calling businesses...

      I do not agree. You just have an experience bias. There is no reason for the rules of customer service/support to be different between phone and text chat support. However, it is true that most people who would contact customer service/support would like to use phone support, and to balance out costs, companies will field phone support from your native country (e.g.: the US) during business days and business hours. During weekends, that becomes too expensive, so they will close that off and use foreign call centers and text chat.

      Naturally, it's cheaper to let someone who doesn't speak English well to text chat, instead of train them. In other words, it's better for the customers too, since they can understand support better.

      And, customer support that has higher degree of responsibility (and power) isn't going to work on weekends, as again, it's too expensive. So, what happens is that chat support is often less useful versus voice (phone) support. But at least you can understand what the person on the other end is saying?

      Unless you're AT&T or Verizon. In which case, you'd usually foggedaboutit.

  3. Mark 85

    So FB has messenger and WhatsApp..... but they're separate. I guess if you want to avoid dealing with business and probably spam and advertising, one would go with WhatsApp? Still..WTF do they need two separate systems for?

    Ok. <rant off> No, I won't use your da** messaging system to order a pizza or contact plumber. I'll call them up and have a short and pleasant chat. Just because Zuck is a zillionaire doesn't make him brilliant. I guess he thinks we like advertisements instead of interacting with real people.

  4. Irongut

    Any company that requires FB to do business with them is a company I will not do business with.

  5. dotdavid

    "And while users initially griped when Facebook split off Messenger into its own app ... the firm is banking that they'll come around once the app becomes more versatile and powerful"

    ...and, by the sound of it, a lot more slow and bloated. No I don't see it myself.

  6. rsamps

    Facebook is Passe

    Facebook is cumbersome, overrated, a great time-waster, and a very difficult way to get in contact with anybody outside of your circle of "friends" bragging about themselves. Less and less people use it. Mr. Zuckaburg has delusions of grandeur.

    1. knarf

      Re: Facebook is Passe

      I think he is clutching at straws

  7. chris 48

    This sounds awful

    The problem is put together a bunch of Reg readers agreeing that it sounds awful and

    It's going to happen isn't it?

    I have no idea why. I am completely baffled as to why anyone would want WhatsApp, FB messenger, snapchat, BBM, etc. None of them really have any technical capabilities above sms and email and all of them have the massive drawback that you can't communicate with anyone who doesn't have that app installed.

    1. IsJustabloke

      Re: This sounds awful

      Well I guess if you can't see a reason then they must be shit.

      WhatsApp for instance.... is instantaneous, an SMS is not. You can send pictures instantly.., you can send videos... instantly. You can send voice messages... instantly. you can chat simultaneously with multiple people... if you're on Wi-Fi they're free, totally free.

      I find it useful on occasion, I also find SMS equally useful on occasion... "chatting" by SMS is a pain in the arse. but they're great to organise a night out or a get together.

      BBM... free.

      Snapchat... just another way of flirting and having fun for some people.

  8. Kay Burley ate my hamster

    Malware? Is that you?

    "When somebody sends something from an app that's integrated with Messenger, the recipient will also be able to find out about the app and easily install it themselves."

  9. Deryk Barker

    Is Zuckerberg

    the world's biggest wanker?

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