back to article Discreet fighting man: Battlefield Hardline

If there’s one area of the Battlefield formula you’d say needs most work, it would undoubtedly be its single-player component. Recent offerings have promised much in hyped-up trailers, showing blazing gunfights and falling buildings. But, ultimately, each has fallen short when it comes to a cohesive storyline and noteworthy …

  1. Joey M0usepad Silver badge

    So are EA just calling all their games "Battlefield" now in order to cash in on the success of their Battlefield game?

    1. schotness
    2. Tsiklon
      Black Helicopters

      Ubisoft have been doing the same for years

      see all the Tom Clancy's games that have nothing to do with any of the books.

    3. I ain't Spartacus Gold badge

      Are you sure it's not to cash in on the success of the best film ever, Battlefield Earth?

    4. asdf

      what instead?

      Well they can't exactly call them Medal of Honor as that turd has been spotted in the punch bowl already.

    5. goldcd

      I suspect they produced more internal ppt to justify it

      but, yes.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    No chance of it being an expansion to BF4

    ... they'd have to give it away for free to Battlefield 4 Premium members, whereas branding it a completely different game lets them charge £59.90 for it all over again :)

    And holy crap they have an 'Ultimate edition' for £99.89. RLY?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Shock horror - informed comment

    Hardline is not Battlefield 4.5 imo.

    Having put in 10 or 15 hours now i can say im enjoying it a lot more than BF4, its already more polished and the new games modes - blood money especially, are great.

    BF has suffered from the 'what else can we add' syndrome over later releases (BF3 &4), and things like the XM25, UCAV, AC130 havent actually improved the game at all.

    Hardlines 24 / Heat feel is different to the armed conflict feel of the other games and the lack of vehicles and daft weapons kind of harks back to early shooters i really enjoyed like Counterstrike.

    Its fun and I dont mind paying £100 for something I know I will get two years worth of carthasis out of - its cheaper than a shrink!

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Looks good but...

    Still not forgiven EA for Mass Effect 3's ending.

  5. Lionel Baden


    I gave up on the battlefield title after BF3 & Origin a.k.a. Grind your computer to a halt.

    Fractured gaming communities with their Add on ethos, separating the rich from the poor.

    Last decent one was BF BC2, with the Amazing Vietnam pack.

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