back to article FlashRay founder Pawlowski flees NetApp

Brian Pawlowski, the founding and lead tech head for NetApp’s wannabee high-flying FlashRay all-flash array, has left the company after a 20-year stint, and become a VP in a new venture. Beepy, as he is known, was an SVP and member of NetApp’s technical staff, and NetApp’s chief technology officer from August 2006 to May 2012 …

  1. joe_bruin

    FlashRay in trouble

    I interviewed with NetApp last year for a position on the FlashRay team. From what I gathered, it seemed that they were in bad shape and unlikely to deliver anything matching what they promised anytime soon. They had basically started development over again because their existing code doesn't scale. This departure is not a good sign for that project.

    For the curious: I never contacted them back nor they me, so it appears we agree that I shouldn't work there.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: FlashRay in trouble

      I worked at NetApp towards the end of the last decade and found engineering to be a chilling environment. I was on a team for a next series platform and massive fights broke out between the Indians and the Isreals. The Isrealis had scale-up/out experience from their former IBM days, and the Indian group was home grown NetApp. The Isrealis discovered a queuing bottleneck and were told to essentially get lost. Eventually the Isrealis got fired and the new product never came to market. Many of those Isreali's are now flurishing in start-ups and at EMC. Sad to hear that not much has changed at NetApp. They had a great culture; sans engineering that is.

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  3. Tom Maddox Silver badge


    Compare the current situation with NetApp's defense of Flashray in this thread.

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