back to article Forget Nokia: Finland's promising future is to be server central

Finland isn’t just known as the country with the highest number of saunas and heavy metal bands per capita, it also counts Linus Torvalds as its most famed technology son and has a growing data centre development culture. Of course, all Scandinavian countries have the potential to grow their data centre businesses, but Finland …

  1. bill 36


    "Finland isn’t just known as the country with the highest number of saunas and heavy metal bands per capita"

    The Leningrad Cowboys, not original but a class act nevertheless :>)

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: correct

      What about Finnish Tango.

      Much darker than the Argentine version.

      1. Morten Bjoernsvik

        Finnish Specialities

        When I was a kid our single tv-channel used to show finnish television theatre. Dark, Grim and always with a tragic ending.

        Usually drinking itself to death in the sauna or drowning in one of the thousand lakes.

    2. jgarbo

      Re: correct

      Finland is not a Scandinavian country; doesn't share lingusitic or cultural traits with the three Scandinavian countries - Denmark, Sweden and Norway. It just happens to be in the niegborhood, like Holland and the Baltic states.

      1. MacroRodent

        Finland and Scandinavia

        doesn't share lingusitic or cultural traits with the three Scandinavian countries

        Linguistically? no, Finnish is not related to any Germanic language, but note that about 5% of Finnish citizens have Swedish as their mother tongue, and the language has an official status here. Culturally, Finland is very similar to Scandinavian countries because of the long shared history. After all, for hundreds of years Finland was part of the Kingdom of Sweden. We also have the same majority religion (Lutheran).

        So the connection of Finland with Scandinavia is much more than "just happens to be in the neighbourhood".

      2. Lars Silver badge

        Re: correct

        @ jgarbo

        Try these links to improve your education.

  2. thomas k.

    Also home to the Temppeliaukio Church

    It's like you're standing under the eye of God and he's giving you the once over, up close. A strange and disconcerting sensation.

  3. MacroRodent


    Finland is said to enjoy strong legal protection over government surveillance of data, particularly when compared to neighbouring Sweden.

    That is the current situation, but in a fit of incomprehensible me-tooism, officials now want to change that and allow mass surveillance of the net. Pure stupidity. It would not really help with security (baddies can always find a way around such wiretapping when aware of it), and would remove one competitive advantage in the data centre business.

  4. The Empress

    Of course you can racks and racks of servers pretty much anywhere on earth, which is kind of the point. And you're not committed to following byzantine European labor laws.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      How does connectivity work out between major markets like us/japan and finland?

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        it's good; not as good as UK-US, but not many other places are. Another places to look in region is Estonia - massively tech savvy workforce, English speaking, and making serious efforts to join the 21st Century, with an approach to e-government that puts the UK to shame.

    2. Tom 38

      I'm not totally au fait with the history of the eastern roman empire, but I don't think you got either a 38 hour working week, (m|p)aternaty leave or 20+ days annual paid leave in the Byzantium Empire.

      However, you probably did have "at will" employment, just like our enlightened murcan cousins enjoy.

  5. werdsmith Silver badge


    Byzantine (comparative more Byzantine, superlative most Byzantine)

    1.Overly complex or intricate. a Byzantine system of regulations

    1. Tom 38

      Wow, there is only one meaning of "Byzantine"?


      a. Of or relating to the ancient city of Byzantium.

      b. Of or relating to the Byzantine Empire.

      2. Of or belonging to the style of architecture developed from the fifth century ad in the Byzantine Empire, characterized especially by a central dome resting on a cube formed by four round arches and their pendentives and by the extensive use of surface decoration, especially veined marble panels, low relief carving, and colored glass mosaics.

      3. Of the painting and decorative style developed in the Byzantine Empire, characterized by formality of design, frontal stylized presentation of figures, rich use of color, especially gold, and generally religious subject matter.


      a. Of the Eastern Orthodox Church or the rites performed in it.

      b. Of an Eastern Catholic church that maintains the worship of the Eastern Orthodox Church or the rites performed in it.

      5. often byzantine

      a. Of, relating to, or characterized by intrigue; scheming or devious: "a fine hand for Byzantine deals and cozy arrangements" (New York).

      b. Highly complicated; intricate and involved: a bill to simplify the byzantine tax structure.

      1. Al Black


        Werdsmith gave the most common usage, which is fair enough.

  6. briesmith

    Iceland Is Another Country

    There is a "Scandinavian" country not mentioned here; one that could really do with the money. Iceland.

    More totally green hydro electricity than any reasonable person could want, bags of cold places/water with which to keep server farms cool (you could probably just leave the windows open in the winter) and more unused land than you could shake a stick at.

    An island, so security - who's coming and going - is very easy to maintain.

    Handily placed for internet wiring being mid Atlantic with, one imagines, many cables already running to it or nearby.

    Quasi EU status might mean that data stored on servers there remained within the EU for the purposes of public procurement. (One for the lawyers).

    Intelligent, well-educated, mostly English speaking populace. Six hours from Washington DC (Helsinki is 9), 3 from London (same for Helsinki).

    What's not to like? Apart from the occasional volcano/earthquake... And the fish...

    1. Asylum_visitor

      Re: Iceland Is Another Country

      Unfortunately Iceland is just a bit north of the major cable routes, otherwise the NSA would have probably claimed it as their base of operations years ago!

    2. squigbobble

      Re: Iceland Is Another Country

      The fish is nice. The Tri Franskur (I might've misremembered that) restaurant still serves whale, owing to the owner buying 2 tonnes of it just before whaling was banned. I should've tried puffin the last time I was there but it didn't occur to me till afterwards.

      There's also plenty of vacant buildings left over from the boom.

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