back to article South Korean police book 29 Uber staff for 'illegal taxi' ops

South Korean police have booked more than two dozen of Uber's Seoul-based employees and associates on suspicion of operating illegal taxi services. Twenty-nine people, among them the head of Uber Korea, and also including the heads of six car rental firms, were "booked" on suspicion of connecting passengers to nearby cabbies …

  1. Ian Michael Gumby

    Uber is a pirate company.

    Forget the law, full speed ahead because we're (Uber) is a disruptive company and everyone is just jealous...

    Seriously, I don't doubt that Uber was trying to fly under the radar.

    Here in Chicago, Uber was supposedly banned from doing pick ups at O'Hare. While that ban was (and may still be in place) Uber cars were seen doing business as usual.

    I'll wager that Uber's CEO is a huge Hilary Clinton fan because he feels that the laws don't apply to him.

    1. Danny 14

      Re: Uber is a pirate company.

      I doubt he feels the law doesn't apply to him, I suspect he thinks he has found a loophole. Taxi giants grease lots of palms and uber isn't greasing anyones palm.

      If Uber is banned then there are plenty of "car share" schemes that could also be banned at the same time, whilst the two are obviously different it will come down to courts.

      1. Ian Michael Gumby

        Re: Uber is a pirate company.

        And the ride sharing schemes are coming down, but because they aren't valued at 50+ billion dollars, they are below the radar.

        Loophole? Hardly.

        They got bounced in Europe and what do they do? They now want to change the law which puts more people at risk.

        How many passengers have been raped by Uber drivers? And hint: Its not just in India.

        How many pedestrians have been killed by Uber drivers? Hint: Uber said it wasn't their fault because he wasn't 'on the clock' because he had no passengers in the vehicle. (He was racing to get to his next pickup when he took out the family in the crosswalk.)

        Oh yeah. A loophole, right. ...

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