back to article Gigabit web streaming in 2016? Live tests say yes

Gigabit network speeds over your existing internet connection are looking good for early 2016, apparently. That's according to Comcast, whose VP of access architecture addressed the Cable Next-Gen conference in Denver on Tuesday. Jorge Salinger told attendees that the cable giant was already testing the technology in the …

  1. ecarlseen

    What about muh upstream?

    Ok, 1Gbps from the modem to the CMTS, then what? 10Gbps infrastructure is still pricey, and 100Gbps switches and fiber backhaul modules are still astronomically expensive. If the cabelcos start playing ball and allow more content caching at their head ends this might actually be useful, but other than that it's more marketing then practical application.

    1. Bob H

      Re: What about muh upstream?

      When Comcast decides (and Liberty Global would also likely make such a move) to put 10/40Gbit/sec into production they'll probably change the economies of scale by market forces alone. Their agreements with Broadcom could mean that they build a 40G SDN without much concern and they could do it on the back of the RDK software development arrangement that they have with Cisco and Arris already.

  2. Andrew Tyler 1


    Based upon past experience, this suggests to me that I can now reasonably expect to have a mostly legit 100Mbps connection sometime in the next four to eight years. I will also know better this time than to hope some new competitor will show up with a better, or even just different, realistic alternative during that time.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: History

      Upstream or Downstream?

      Personally, I'm waiting for to start offering VPN services, since every operator probably prioritizes those packets.

      1. Bob H

        Re: History

        I've noticed that when you do a on Virgin in the UK it does the test against Virgin servers if you let it automatically pick the server. It picks a server just a 30min drive away from my house on the Virgin network.

  3. Bob H

    As a former colleague once said when we were told our site was getting Gbit internet:

    "I can't w*nk that fast."

  4. bkedersha

    Who cares!

    One, Comcast will charge too much for most people to afford it, and second, two words, which are reality, DATA CAPS!

    1. Brandon 2

      Re: Who cares!

      Gigabit = now I can reach my 300 GB cap 5x faster. It's $10 / 50 GB after the 300 GB cap here in good 'ole Atlanta, GA USA. I've exceeded my cap the last 6 months in a row, no torrents, just netflix, youtube, and steam, averaging an extra $20 per month. When the roommate and I download a 30GB game on steam, that's 20% of our cap gone in 3 hours. I'm raising a glass of London Porter hoping for google fiber to release me from my bonds... that or I'll just switch to business class. EDIT: I've called, asking to upgrade my service, and they said, "sure!!", but going from 60 Mb/s to 100Mb/s does not raise your cap... herp derp. Apparently, the only market that upgrading raises your cap is somewhere in Texas. Bleh.

      1. Ammaross Danan

        Re: Who cares!

        "... When the roommate and I download a 30GB game on steam, that's 20% of our cap gone..." of "my 300 GB cap"... that's just 10% if my maths don't fail me.

        Also sucks for you to be in a test market like that.

        1. Brandon 2

          Re: Who cares!

          30 Gb is 10%, your maths are good... but there are 2 of us... so really that's 60Gb, which, if my maths are good too, is 20%. Just got the monthly call, 5 minutes ago saying I've reached my cap again... that means Cities: Skylines is gonna cost me an extra $10, just to download. Yay, monopolies!

  5. recordmaker

    Comcast will have to follow market pricing

    Here in Nashville, TN, market forces will keep Comcast GB services competitive price wise (already announced as being available here in 2016). Google Fiber is also rolling out end of 2015 and early 2016, and their prices are $70.00/month for internet, and full TV package, less premium channels is $50.00. Total $120.00 (plus taxes and fees). Comcast would be a fool to charge much more than that for the same services. Spoke with an installer/friend last month, he has the D3.1 modem in his house, so they're working on it in this market. I would presume that the other 4 markets that Google is building out, including the major Atlanta area, will also force Comcast rates down. The installer already acknowledged that there is that discussion going on now, system wide.

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