back to article D-Link patches yet more vulns

D-Link is moving to patch a bunch of vulnerabilities in consumer products, which almost certainly means that most users either won't know the patch is happening or won't run the update. The first CERT advisory, here, covers DCS-93 series network cameras (models 930L, 931L, 932L and 933L using version 1.04 2014-04-21 of the …

  1. Dan 55 Silver badge

    "The CERT advisory notes the exploit uses the firmware update mechanism"

  2. Max Normal

    Not patching any of their older kit though, are they?

    As I recently discovered, once you are out of warranty with D-Link, any problems are YOUR problem.

    Got a nice Asus router now that receives regular firmware updates.

    1. Tcat

      D-Link not providing firmware upgrades? Sorry, not true. I just updated both the D-Link DIR 820L and my counterpart Asus (both low end 902.11AC home test units from EggHead), and it appears D-Link has updated Firmware in 2015 across the board. Asus counterpart update was late 2014.

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