back to article Rezzed: Indie gaming shows off its finest

My favourite games of late are indie games. I have spent hours lost in Darkest Dungeon and have endured soul-destroying loss and emotional turmoil in This War of Mine, as AAA games just haven’t quite been cutting it of late. Time to head down to EGX Rezzed, a smaller, more indie-focused event compared to EGX Expo, which I …

  1. adnim
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    Lost Alpha.... Hours of fun for die hard Stalker fans... for Free!! or click the donate button.

  2. The Crow From Below

    I downloaded carmageddon: reincarnation when it was first released on steam as a preview. I loved the game when it was first released and was very happy to support the development of the new version.

    They have done an awesome job of things. the humour is better, and more crude than even before, the game voice shouting "YOU RECTUM" when destroying a car was enough for me to know they had kept the most important part of that game for me, the fun.

    If you played the original then you have to play this one, it's a Cunning Stunt away from being the best car based game I've played in over a decade.

    1. Dave 126 Silver badge

      Whoah, I remember playing the original. A sandbox car game in which you run over pedestrians, four years before GTA became 3D.

      Of course just mowing down pedestrians was easy - big points come from smashing a lamppost down the street to splatter the civilians. Seem to recall that censors insisted on making all the blood green - so that the player was killing zombies (acceptable) instead of humans (moral panic) - though a Hex editor could be used to restore the proper content.

      I don't think I ever won a race by beating the competing cars to the finish line... I just beat them into scrap.

      Made me remember playing Quarantine (1994) - think 'Doom' in a taxi. It wasn't that good, though.

      1. Dabooka Silver badge

        I remember it well....

        And I loved it. The CD rom had a normal audio soundtrack too if I recall, with one or two catchy dittys. Never took off as an idea like it really should have for the time.

        1. tsdadam

          Re: I remember it well....

          I'm not sure if it was Carmageddon or the sequel, but yes, one had an excellent soundtrack filled with Iron Maiden among others.

          My crowning glory for years was having my solution for one of the levels (using an electro bastard ray if memory serves) printed in PC Gamer. Oh the fame, the adulation.

  3. AbelSoul

    Roto chair

    Nice idea but not likely to have much of a market for home users, given the cost + space requirements.

    OTOH, your idea of the local boozer having one installed is rather appealing.

    1. Yag

      Re: Roto chair

      The cost of the base system itself is not that high...

      But having to fork an additionnal 219 pounds for a crappy chair? and 160 for the table? What the hell?

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