back to article Cubans 'get' 'free community' 'Wi-Fi'

Cuba says it is further loosening its grip on the nation's internet access with the launch of its first public Wi-Fi hotspot. According to a report from The Associated Press, a community center in the capital city of Havana will serve as the only hotspot in the nation to be authorized to operate by the state-run Etecsa telco …

  1. Phuq Witt

    Fair Play to Them

    It can't be easy trying to develop any kind of infrastructure, when your bullying neighbour has been systematically trying to destroy your country for the past half-century. Maybe they did the right thing by prioritising a high quality free health service over faster cat picture uploading.

    1. Angol

      Re: Fair Play to Them

      You're a sucker for their propaganda.

      Knowledge of health and hygiene issues is impressive: during my four years in Cuba several times I was in a vliĺage with mud roads and no electricity where water was dragged back from the river to houses by an ox - and then run through a filtration system using ever smaller gravel and sand to produce safe drinking water. But the health service is shit.

      Hospitals, apart from those for foreigners and the elite, are dirty and uncaring about patients' wellbeing. Doctors can prescribe drugs but Cubans can't get them; even if they've got hard currency they're not allowed into the foreign currency pharmacies. And the drugs that the useful idiots of Cuban Solidarity collect go to the hotels for sale to tourist patients.

      Two vignettes:

      My diabetic wife was charged $400 for a night in a clinic for foreigners, where her own glucometer was used to measure her blood sugar and she was offered sweetened juice and a sticky bun for breakfast. A Cuban friend worked in another dollar-earning clinic; for lunch she was often given what the Cubans call "chicken soup", which is actually warm water with sugar dissolved in it.

  2. JeffyPoooh

    " optical phone line."

    Sigh... Anyway.

    Until recently, Cuba had a total bandwidth of about 2x what I have to my house.

  3. Mike VandeVelde

    "seeing a further thaw in relations with its neighbors, most notably the US"

    "seeing a further thaw in relations with its neighbors, most notably the US"

    Except for the USA (and Israel), is there any country that doesn't love Cuba??

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