back to article Betting exchange WBX closes, Betfair romps on

Betting exchange WBX is pulling down the shutters on its operation, citing increased regulatory compliance costs and competition from market leader Betfair in its decision to close. WBX suspended betting and closed its exchange on Monday. No further bets can be staked, but unsettled bets on longer-term markets will be honoured …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    A shame

    There needs to be some real competition to Betfair as even though I do all of my business through there due to the better liquidity on offer than, for example, Betdaq. The latter have suffered due to their rising of their charges from a "Never To Be More Than 3%" to 5%.

    I had used WBX years ago but there as no liquidity so there's a Catch-22 problem here. If there's no liquidity then no-one else is going to add to the markets and this is the problem facing Betdaq.

    So, we're all stuck with Betfair and their rotten Personal Charges for the successful punters.

    AC. It's my business.

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