back to article Vodafone Pay TV launch rumoured for November

Vodafone is gearing up to offer a pay TV service, the latest global telco to move into the four-play arena, and the scuttlebutt is that consumer offerings will go on sale in November. Vodafone has offered broadband before but sold the business to BT’s Plusnet in 2007. The mobile phone giant announced that it would re-enter the …

  1. jzlondon


    Is that still a thing?

    1. frank ly

      Re: TV?

      What's the extreme opposite of a Luddite?

      1. jzlondon

        Re: TV?

        In my case, a tongue-in-cheek-ite. I actually have a really old TV which I didn't watch long before not watching TV was fashionable.

  2. wyatt

    There appears to be lots of companies doing this badly and a few doing it ok. There still isn't one I'd pay for though. Freeview seems to be just fine considering the poor content that is produced at the moment

    1. David Gosnell

      This is one I like the look of ...

      ... were anything so forward-looking considered for the UK. Seems to be some kind of hybrid ADSL/VDSL router, TV tuner/streamer and mobile cell.

      Pretty sure I saw some dirt cheap hardware prices mentioned (on-contract, obviously).

      1. eJ2095

        Re: This is one I like the look of ...

        Not another one....

        Yay i can watch my programs on sumthing else oh the joys......

        Rare that i watch live tv anyway

    2. chris 17 Silver badge

      Love or hate it but Sky are knocking out some great content. If byour a sports fan that is the only place in town but with stiff competition from BT.

      I watch F1 and the core team that moved from ITV to BBC are now on Sky and producing great content both during and outside of the race weekend. This is at the expense of the BBC coverage which was excellent but now nowhere near as good but the Sky coverage is an improvement over what was excellent BBC coverage. Having written that if I didn't get F1 with my HD subscription I would not subscribe to sky sports just to get the once or twice a month F1 races that anyone wanting F1 now will have to do.

      In my opinion Sky do in the large provide value for money if you enjoy watching their content.

  3. Tromos

    An inevitable consequence

    Yet more sodding advertising leaflets through the door at least once a week.

  4. Cookieninja


    I want to able to choose one supplier and have access to almost everything. Cheap solutions that have almost nothing over anyone else and the dozens that peddle in limited selection plus a few exclusives to sweeten the bitter pill do not interest me at all.

  5. chris 17 Silver badge

    I wonder if VM's expansion plans are a reaction to Vodafone entering the TV market or just BT's push for market share? As VM have shown they have no interest in creating content they should let others provide services on their infrastructure and see the take up increase. Earning something from the homes their wires are installed in is better than nothing!!

    1. Cookieninja

      Awful move

      A much better move would be to replicate what they've done with Spotify and Netflix, and sign up as many other over the top content providers as possible, and integrate access to their content into a single unified interface. A gate-keeper role like that fits in nicely with their plans to focus on infrastructure.

      If necessary, drop Tivo to make that happen.

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