back to article 16 telco heads request data retention funding info from Turnbull, Brandis

The chief executive officers of 16 Australian telcos have written to the nation's attorney-general George Brandis and communications minister Malcolm Turnbull with a call for dialog on how much money they can expect to fund the development of metadata retention systems. “We write as the Chief Executive Officers/Senior …

  1. Munix

    Bet the best SysAdmins/DevOps accidentally effup the backups

    This will be circumvented by 'Accidents' and the data will be lost, corrupted etc. Made

    almost un-usable etc, Super-capacitors good for making a instant data wiper, so lets

    see the word 'retention' be redefined!

  2. eatdicks


    Damn they are good.

    We are not only going to spy and record EVERYTHING for 2 years, but we are going to make YOU pay for the costs associated with it.

    It boggles my mind why Australians let this go through and anyone thinking TOR or a VPN can circumvent this needs to look closer at what exactly is being logged.

  3. Colin Tree



    7. The Bill gives effect to several of the PJCIS‘ recommendations including:

    the data retention obligation only applies to telecommunications data (not content)

    and internet browsing is explicitly excluded (Recommendation 42


    So they say what they WON'T store, but where do they say what they WILL store.

    What protocols on what layers are being monitored and stored ?

    Will they store all or selected packet headers, all DNS data, SMTP headers, all phone call connection data, etc ?

    7. appears to say anything we can do through browsing is excluded,

    thus what has been said about Gmail, etc being unmonitored.

    But that also appears they will turn a blind eye to pedophile or terrorist browsing ?

    If I use a public DNS located overseas will that be unmonitored ?

    Are all application layer protocols monitored ?

    Questions, questions, questions, flooding into the mind of the concerned young person today.

    Ahh, but its a great time to be alive, ladies and gentlemen .... FZ

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