back to article 'There is NO SUCH THING as a safe site anymore' – security bod

This week we broke our PCs, debated the merits of a $17,000 watch, and scored a free logic board from the Beeb. Here are the best quotes we picked up along the way … AVG CEO Gary Kovacs had some good advice for vendors on simplifying their privacy guidelines to keep users better informed on consent: Get your privacy policy …

  1. Mark 85


    Just curious if the COTW has been dropped? You give us quotes from the stories but as commentards I think we like to see also what's been said about those stories.

  2. veti Silver badge

    WTF is a "safe site", anyway? One whose owner you trust completely, who includes no ads, iFrames or other content hosted elsewhere, no tracking code, and who uses https:// - would be about as good as you could get.

    But even they'd be vulnerable to having their domain confiscated by some asshat who claims that it "supports terrorism" or "is confusingly similar to my trademark".

  3. Pseu Donyme

    re: privacy policy

    How about

    "We will collect, use and/or store information related to you only as strictly necessary to provide our products and/or services to you, such information will not be disclosed to a third party absent a court order compelling us to do so."


  4. Michael Hawkes


    Will that be the official El Reg term for such devices?

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