back to article Ofcom: We're going to shake up the digi comms market

UK regulator Ofcom has announced a wide-ranging review of digital communications, looking at infrastructure and competition. The review will examine incentives for efficient investment and effective competition drive good outcomes: coverage, choice, price and quality of service for consumers, citizens and businesses. It will …

  1. Steve Davies 3 Silver badge

    Here's an idea

    Make the total network infrastructure including BT's and Virgin's owned by a single company. Make all the intersested parties (BT, SKY VM etc) co-owners of that company.

    Naturally, this won't fly because VM etc won't want to pay to maintain for the last mile in countryside. But it would stop them complaining about not getting access to BT's infrastructure.

    If they want to improve the network then each of them will have to stump up to fund it. Yeah and pigs might fly...

  2. Leeroy

    While they are at it why not force sky to give their broadband customers the username and password so they can dump the POS router that sky supply and replace it with something half decent !

  3. AdamK

    They've done it

    Those cute little bunnies are French Lop kits. I have two of the terrier sized adult variety. They can chew through any cable they come across. Mains, ethernet, optical and armoured. They just don't care. They are a highly disruptive innovation and Ofcom have two of them. Mine can be hired at £5,000 per day each, the Jack Straw mates rate.

  4. bigdish

    EE a member of UKCTA...., they'll be requesting a refund of their membership fee soon then?

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