back to article UK says comms metadata can kill personal privacy

The UK's inquiry into whether it conducts mass surveillance and the legality of such an effort has recommended tighter controls on access to communications metadata. The inquiry, which as we've reported finds that mass surveillance capabilities exist in the UK, but are used appropriately. The inquiry also rejects use of the …

  1. edge_e
    Big Brother

    Am I understanding this correctly?

    It's ok to collect and store every phone number and every IP address we communicate with as long as they don't look up who's phone number/ IP address it is?

    I'm going to sleep so much easier tonight

  2. dan1980

    Great, so we've got a nice little table listing different data collection levels with corresponding examples where it relates to a phone call. BUT, still no clear explanation of how this relates to INTERNET access.

    The examples of phone calls and 'envelopes' (as used by our mob) most closely match e-mail but just don't reflect the situation with web content.

  3. batfastad

    Hello old friend

    Ah yes, the default HTML table styling, how I have missed thee!

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