back to article BOXing clever: Data biz embiggens sales - then its shares slump

Box, the freemium business data sharer, saw satisfying revenue growth and controlled losses for its fiscal 2015 fourth quarter and full year, although it disappointed analysts, whose comments prompted a 17 per cent share price fall. Highlights: Q4 FY 2015 revenue was $62.6m, up 61 per cent from $38.8m a year ago Q4 FY 2015' …

  1. Electron Shepherd

    I don't claim to understand big business...

    There's no reason to suppose that, given current progress, Box can't emerge into profit in its fiscal 2017 year, as long as it can retain existing customers and gain new ones by having better offerings than public cloud and enterprise storage/sharing providers.

    ... but surely simply "being in profit for a financial period", be it a quarter or a whole year, is not enough. Surely you need to get to a point where the accumulated profits exceed the total losses since inception, or else you may as well have not bothered?

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