back to article Systemax CEO closes 31 retail stores in US as losses widen

Systemax has finally shuttered the majority of its consumer tech stores in North America after once again enduring weak holiday season sales and reporting yet another year of losses. The New York-listed reseller grew consolidated sales 4.4 per cent to $912.9m but it was the B2B side of the house and not retail that contributed …

  1. Mad Hacker

    never heard of 'em

    Considering I live in the US and I've never heard of this store I'm not surprised.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: never heard of 'em

      Yeah, the only Systemax I know of is the (formerly AT&T) Avaya structured cabling products.

    2. kain preacher

      Re: never heard of 'em

      Neither have I, and I bet that's why they are going under. No one has heard of them.

  2. Fungus Bob
    Thumb Up

    A Technology Store less relevant than Radio Shack!

    see title

  3. ben_myers

    Why you never heard of Systemax stores

    You never heard of Systemax stores because there aren't any with that name. Systemax stores are called Micro Center, and they sell the Systemax house brand of computer in addition to everything a do-it-yourself computer person would ever want, plus other brand names. But, like Radio Shack, they are overpriced. With eBay, Amazon and others delivering computer gear quickly, sometimes overnight, there is no way for them to make money any more. Add to that the con artists who headed the company before, and you have an excellent recipe for failure.

    The TigerDirect reputation is mixed, too. Sometimes there stuff is great at super prices. Sometimes maybe not.

    1. Timo

      Re: Why you never heard of Systemax stores

      I think in the US that Systemax is known as TigerDirect, and they have a handful of retail stores with that name. They bought the defunct CompUSA brand name and were using that for a while, running stores that carried both names.

      I always felt that TigerDirect was suspect given their shady rebate deals and other things, and this was 10 years ago. To find out that the boss Carl was crooked confirmed that. I thought he was already nabbed on other similar charges a few years ago?

      I don't think Microcenter is in that mix, at least I hope it isn't as they are one of only a few places around that carry geek gear. They seem like a legit business.

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