back to article CloudFlare launches nameserver DDoS shield

CloudFlare has launched a DNS proxy service it says will help organisations improve DNS resilience by pushing distributed denial of service attacks to the outer edge of its network. The Virtual DNS service is billed as a means for DNS providers to mitigate a potential "massive single point of failure" in their nameservers …

  1. Nate Amsden Silver badge

    if you are serious about DNS

    then you use a serious DNS provider, someone like UltraDNS, or Dynect. I've been a Dynect customer for many years. Neustar(owns UltraDNS) keeps trying to talk me into UltraDNS (I am a Neustar customer in other areas) but Dynect does the job, never seen an outage in almost 7 years (or *any* service degradation for that matter), they claim 100% uptime over 10+ years I think. 15 second SLA. Dynect gets DDoS'd a ton as well(they run an RSS feed with service updates), never seen an impact. UltraDNS has had some high profile outages due to DDoS..

    Maybe cloudflare's stuff is ok(still too new of a service for me to consider), though it wouldn't drag me away from dynect. Cost is very reasonable, service is good, uptime for me has never been anything but 100% (I remember reading about CloudFlare's juniper issue a while back...)

    Also if you're *really* serious about DNS then you'd use more than one provider.

    Not affiliated with dynect in any way just a happy customer, and surprised to see some folks out there not take internet-facing authoritative DNS too seriously(like you can throw a couple of BIND systems out there and be done with it, or rely on something like godaddy). Now for hobbyist stuff that is fine(I host my own DNS for my ~2 dozen domains), but for the companies I work at(that make real $$), I want something *good* (if not the best).

    1. Captain Scarlet Silver badge

      Re: if you are serious about DNS

      Ah so not one of these when a website goes down "ZOMG I AM LOSING BILLIONS OF POUNDS" when paying 10p a month for hosting.

    2. Mr Anonymous

      Re: if you are serious about DNS

      Is that serious DNS from Dyn, the one with an average respose time of 87.07ms for their services as oposed to cloudflares 16.65ms?

      Not affiliated to either, although I have used a cloudflare business plan in the past.

  2. Kevin McMurtrie Silver badge
    Thumb Down

    Not just DDoS attacks

    I'm starting to think that CloudFlare is sponsoring articles on The Reg. I don't see any good journalism here to investigate the other things that CloudFlare offers protection against: spam complaints, fraud complaints, and criminal complaints. These services are even stated in CloudFlare's own blog and Facebook page. Check out the comments section for lists of actual customers.

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