back to article Microsoft: You'll get the next Windows 10 build when we're GOOD AND READY

Champing at the bit for the next build of Windows 10 Technical Preview? Microsoft says that although it has been silent for several weeks, a new release is coming ... soonish ... but you probably shouldn't hold your breath. "Today is 3/9 and we've not set a date for the next build," Redmond's Gabe Aul said on Monday in a …

  1. Nolveys

    "It was validated by our test automation."


    kernel_stability_test ok

    kernel_speed_test ok

    ntfs_stability_test ok

    ntfs_speed_test ok

    networking_stability_test ok

    networking_speed_test ok


    user_interface_layout_randomization_test ok

    user_time_spent_doing_basic_things_increased_test ok

    networking_bollocked_by_home_setting_test ok

    user_infuriation_simulation_test ok


    bugs_from_90s_still_work_in_certain_situations_test ok

    css_compliance_almost_test ok

    annoying_stuff_and_horrible_defaults_on_initial_startup_test ok

    fuck_it ok

    1. Paul Shirley

      Re: "It was validated by our test automation."

      Rival_product_A_doesn't_work_test. Passed

      Rival_product_B_doesn't_work_test. Passed

      Rival_product_C_doesn't_work_test. Passed

    2. Yugguy

      Re: "It was validated by our test automation."

      networking_bollocked_by_home_setting_test ok

      Phew, it's not just me then.

  2. Robert Helpmann??

    A Little Bird Told Me

    I was interested to see how the other guys did it as I used to be involved in software development and deployment, though entirely in-house stuff. Still, it took some time to get past the name of the group that handles daily builds. I had an image I just could not shake of a bunch of coal-blackened miners huddled around a dead bird.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: A Little Bird Told Me

      It's a standard name in our outfit too. It's probably used in a lot of places.

  3. Khaptain Silver badge

    Renaming the inteface

    They can't find a new name for TIFKAM / Modern and are still digging deep to come up with a name that won't remind everyone of the disaster known as 8.

  4. Dr Scrum Master


    They appear to think it's 3rd September...

    (I'm the one with my hand stuck in the time portal.)

    1. Tim Bates

      Re: Timewarp

      At least you saw a date - I quickly simplified the fraction down to one third, wondered why they were talking about ninths in the first place, then finally realised it was a US style date without a year.

  5. PeteA

    Scary to say...

    But I actually agree with MS on this one - I've yet to see a development estimate that matches the actual reality, and generally foisting an enforced "done-or-else" date on the developer results in shortcuts and kludges as they desperately try to work around something unexpected whilst keeping management happy. Sometimes, the estimate is too great in which case they'll usually "polish" the code until the pre-ordained date arrives. YMMV, just my observation over the last 25 years or so.

    1. Joe User

      Re: Scary to say...

      Agreed. I'd rather wait and have it done right (well, as "right" as Microsoft ever gets it...) than rush it out the door and deal with bugs, flaws, and shortcomings.

    2. Tim Bates

      Re: Scary to say...

      "I've yet to see a development estimate that matches the actual reality"

      Yes, but these are meant to be development builds to gain feedback about any stability issues present in the first place. Delaying them means only the issues MS has noticed can be fixed in a timely fashion.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Thumb Up


    ...release when ready, not when deadline / marketing dictate.

  7. RyokuMas
  8. phuzz Silver badge

    I'm assuming they've had to announce this because there's forums somewhere full of self-entitled kids complaining that MS haven't released an updated version in a while.

    It's a free beta version, calm your boots.

    1. Grikath

      This is the Age of the Internet. Entitlement is a god-given right, which should be treated as a basic human right! Why isn't the UN doing anything about this and send out Strongly Worded Reprimands to Microsoft!!

  9. Yugguy

    I actually agree with MS

    For once.

    Tomtom brought out its new GO range before it was ready and then spent the next 18 months putting out release after release, sometimes fixing stuff, sometimes introducing new faults. It's took them til now to get a properly stable UI.

  10. Avatar of They
    Thumb Up

    They have to get it right.

    After 8, it simply has to work as people need to upgrade to something.

    So take all the time you need.

    Just remember, the mobile world runs and IOS and Android now, so you have to work with others in your sandbox. Can't have all those work desktops running windows 10 when the management all have Android and ios phones or ipads unless you talk to eachother, and you are coming late to the party so you need to adapt, not expect them to.

    Awful Office 365 is not going to save your a$$. Can't have everything in the cloud when DPA says no.

    World standards are the norm, not the exception. Lets have a proper browser, music format, picture format. As standard.... We know you can do it, but how about defaults this time?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: They have to get it right.

      "Lets have a proper browser, music format, picture format. As standard"

      Spartan / IE11



      So what are you actually referring to?

      1. Joey M0usepad Silver badge

        Re: They have to get it right.

        "So what are you actually referring to?

        maybe something that can display the pictures and play the music in a useable way - then i wont have to install winamp and acdc all the time

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: They have to get it right.

          So what other OS does this really well without any 3rd party programmes?

          1. earl grey

            Re: They have to get it right.

            Waiting for them to get a spiffed-up agent ransack instead of the sorry file explorer thingie.

  11. Brian Souder 1

    Get It Right

    I would rather have them get it right and not be patching like crazy - like when they usually release an OS.

  12. Florida1920

    A good sign

    "Today is 3/9 ..." Redmond's Gabe Aul said on Monday

    Someone at MS knows what day it is. Now that's progress!

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