back to article Sleepy eNom bombs websites in HUGE DNS OUTAGE – remains silent despite gripes

Domain name registrar eNom appears to have gone titsup worldwide since the early hours of this morning, according to reports from furious customers who – at time of publication – were yet to get a response from the Washington-based firm. Reg reader Tim told us that the service buckled roughly five hours ago. @smallgreentree …

  1. thomas k.

    you bastards!

    Adding a completely irrelevant cat picture to the article just so I'd click on it.

    1. Kerry Hoskin

      Re: you bastards!

      Not only that but he is the spitting image of one of my cats! He's a British short hair lilac colourpoint

  2. Nate Amsden


    They don't use twitter and didn't see complaints. Perhaps they were working on the issue the whole time. (Or not I don't know)

    I know I don't use twitter so would understand if they didn't either.

    1. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

      Re: Maybe

      One of the basics of customer service is that you ensure your customers are kept informed when problems like this happen. Even if you don't particularly care whether your customers are happy or not it helps you by keeping them off your back so you can get on with fire-fighting.

  3. B Candler Silver badge


    Judging by those links in twitter, the actual nameservers affected are:


    Those are the same nameservers which uses.

    Does anyone know the relationship? e.g. is registrationagency reselling enom, or vice versa, or they both outsource their DNS to the same provider?

  4. AIM IT Services

    Inadvertent DNS change

    For those of you experiencing problems, it appears they made a blanket DNS change as well pointing to their own servers. If your domain is hosted elsewhere, you will need to make the DNS change through enom's interface to point to the servers it is supposed to.

  5. Pascal Monett Silver badge
    Big Brother

    The estimate for the fix . . .

    Is as soon as the NSA is done rooting their servers.

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