back to article China reveals 'Internet Plus' plan to modernise and go cloudy

China's premier Li Keqiang has introduced a new “Internet Plus” policy for China that will see the nation focus on domestic technology adoption in order to boost domestic growth while also giving Chinese technology firms a chance do do better overseas. Li Keqiang heads China's State Council, a body whose membership includes …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Great Firewall of China reloaded?

    Until the Chinese realise that draconian censorship has precisely the opposite effect that they hope to achieve in terms of economic growth, innovation and the development of society in general, I fear these efforts will come to naught.

    There really is an unbroken line back to the bad old days of Tyrant Mao in much of the current thinking that permeates the Middle Kingdom.

    1. Steven Roper
      Big Brother

      Re: Great Firewall of China reloaded?

      Yes, that would be why the Chinese government loves the idea of "cloud" so much - it makes the Ministry of Truth's job so much easier. Instead of having to recall and reissue thousands of copies of newspapers (or hard drives) revising BB's dayorder to show that Eastasia has always been at war with Oceania and not Eurasia, they only need to update the one cloud server and presto! it's automagically updated for everyone, and nobody can prove otherwise.

  2. Cliff

    Why do I suspect the result will be Internet Minus?

    Very capable people, very capable kit, but I'm sure this is going to be more to do with limiting freedoms and information than liberating it. Pure speculation on my part, but based on track record.

    1. Fungus Bob

      Re: Why do I suspect the result will be Internet Minus?

      Not if they give it a catchy theme song!

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