back to article You know HOOQ? We don't either. But it's bringing the Asia Pacific OTT fight to Netflix

Netflix is used to local spoilers blocking its international expansion as it enters new markets - in Canada it had to face off with Crave TV, in the Nordics it battled with ViaPlay and HBO Go and in the UK it came up against Sky’s Now TV. But in Asia, it faces perhaps its most formidable obstacle yet in HOOQ. HOOQ was first …

  1. Michael Xion

    Cheap netflix

    So, I should just get an Indian Netflix account and switch location to the U.S. then. Money saved as Netflix allows subscribers to switch to any global region.

    1. GrantB

      Re: Cheap netflix

      Content is per region though.

      Here in NZ looking forward to the arrival of Netflix, but content is key and apparently we won't be getting everything that US subscribers get, as competitors have already brought local rights to series like Orange is the New Black.

      Frustrating thing is that here we go again; rather than an iTunes style solution where we can pay a subscription or per view charge and get access to nearly all content, we end up with 3 or 4 providers all offering a mixed bag of new good content and a whole lot of filler.

      The only global provider with access to all content from everywhere will be Piratebay.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Cheap netflix

      You'll find that managing your playlist of movies will be a pain. It appears that you can only put content visible to the country where your account lives into your playlist, so you'd have to search and find the content each time in your US scenario.

      Not a big problem if you're watching TV series, much more of a problem if you're watching a selection of movies you've put together over time.

  2. wilrhei26

    I like to watch movies in HOOQ

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