back to article Intel slaps Iris Pro GPUs into Core i7 silicon to woo desktop gamers

Intel is bunging its Iris Pro graphics circuits into its fifth-generation "Broadwell" Core i7 processor to catch the eyes of gamers. And the chip giant has been working with Microsoft and GPU toolkit-maker Raptr to optimize game code. At a press shindig during this year's Games Developer Conference in San Francisco, Pete Baker …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Since when are NUCs fanless?

    Admittedly the last time I researched them was probably a year ago but they all had fans back then. In fact a fairly frequent complaint about them on "silent computing" forums was about the amount and character of the noise they made under load.

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  5. The Man Who Fell To Earth Silver badge


    The R (& H if I recall correctly) suffix in i7 4th-gen desktop CPUs designate the processor with having Iris Pro integrated graphics.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: New?

      Indeed, this article is really confusing.

      Iris [Pro] graphics have ALWAYS been on-die. The only thing that has been off-die is an eDRAM cache for graphics.

      So presumably Intel is moving this cache on-die, but it's really hard to tell from how the article is written.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: New?

        The newness is that the chips are socketed and aimed squarely at the desktop, rather than soldered to your board and put into laptops and a select few NUCs. They're also unlocked.

  6. dogged

    Intel graphics? For games?

    We're talking Candy Crush Saga and Fruit Ninja, right?

    Because no, it will not run Crysis.

    1. Aslan

      Re: Intel graphics? For games?

      There's a lot of games you can play at 1024x768 with HD 4000. I actually spent two and a half months on HD 4000 graphics after my Nvidia card failed outside of warranty, and Nvidia lied and said there were no issues with the soldering process with that batch of card. I wouldn't recommend Intel graphics, but kudos to them for getting from no chance in heck of gaming on that to slow with low settings, yet functional.

      1. naive

        Re: Intel graphics? For games?

        Not for games with graphics exceeding CGA specifications. The fact that Intel HD4XXX/HD5XXX are even called graphics cards is misleading consumers. This benchmark shows that even modern Intel HDXXXX lag behind light years when compared with ATI/NVIDIA.

    2. phuzz Silver badge

      Re: Intel graphics? For games?

      It will run Crysis, as long as you're happy with low graphics settings:

      And that's a two year old version, you could probably go up to medium settings on these new chips!

  7. ilmari

    Iris Pro is the top end Intel graphics. It comes with 128M L4 cache, absent from other intel cpus.

    Currently not available as a socketed processor. This is the news, socketed iris pro.

    Disappointingly only at 65W TDP, I bet lots of people, regardless if they use the graphics or not, would have loved to have a "full" i7 with L4 cache. Oh well.

  8. hammarbtyp

    Fixed it for ya

    About 70 per cent of the world's PCs rely on Intel graphics,

    About 70 per cent of the world's PCs put up with Intel graphics,

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Fixed it for ya

      >>About 70 per cent of the world's PCs put up with Intel graphics,

      What percentage of the world uses their computers for 3-D games that wouldn't run well on Intel graphics? I suspect less than 5%.

      1. Vince Lewis 1

        Re: Fixed it for ya

        The majority of computers are used for office productivity or basic internet/facebook. And an intel chipo can handle those tasks.

        However the article is about intel trying to make a gaming orientated graphics chipset. They've made this claim before, yet produced a chip that struggles to play an 8 year old game on minimum settings.

  9. Vince Lewis 1

    from experience intel graphic are the absolute pits

    Last year I bought a low end laptop from PC World (£350). Remembering a previous vow by intel to improve their onboard graphics and the vehement assurance of the PC World Drone that the laptop will indeed play the 8 year old game of WoW, I bought an i5 based laptop.

    20 fps on the lowest settings.

    Took it back, demanded a refund (mis-sold by drone) and a got an AMD based laptop

    40 fps, on high graphics settings.

    intel make the worst on board graphics

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    I was pleasantly impressed with the Iris graphics. Last I checked, the Iris pro 5200 had benchmarks close to GTX 850M.

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