back to article .hotels. .hoteis ... not a typo but a window into ICANN's baffling world

Domain-name overseer ICANN is facing widespread criticism after it emerged victorious from an independent review into its decision over the top-level domain .hotels. Despite winning, the ruling [PDF] has put a spotlight on the systems that are supposed to hold ICANN to account. Not only are the mechanisms inadequate, it's …

  1. Ole Juul


    Like that's going to work. An oak stake might be more appropriate.

    1. WraithCadmus

      Re: criticism?

      I'll bring the communion wafers...

  2. Mark 85

    Maybe this "group" ought to go under the leadership of the UN... it has the same results:: spend the maximum amount of money on the needs of the board, decisions that raise eyebrows, no transparency, no accountability, and no brains. At least then the real world would have a valid excuse to ignore them.

    The closest icon to holding my head in my hands and mumbling about "stupidity in action" --------->

  3. frank ly


    "... it was connected to an application for .hoteis ..."

    What does this mean?

    a) Someone at ICANN noticed the similarity betwen .hotels and .hoteis and started an 'objection to similarity' process. If so, why hadn't anyone noticed that earlier?

    b) Someone at ICANN accidentally made a typing error while entering details and the application for .hotels was converted to an application for .hoteis.

    c) Think of your own set of foul-ups and misunderstandings.

  4. A Non e-mouse Silver badge

    "We can't tell you what procedures or policies we followed as we don't know ourselves, but trust us that we followed them correctly."

  5. druck Silver badge

    The introduction of the dot word idiocy has put so much money on ICANNs pockets, that they can carry on with the lack of accountability regardless, and throw money at lawyers to make any problems go away. Under these conditions, they cannot be allowed to take over the IANA - full scale reform is needed, or disbandment.

  6. dogged
  7. Simon B

    i wonder what would happen if this was apple applying

    So if


    exisited the owner could not have


    Yeah it's very similar, it's 2 letters less, so you can't have it. Because errr it sounds similar.

    Oh! it's YOU oh great 'i' in the sky. Yeah right, we all know what 'icaant' would do here don't we.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    On the 'What Could Possibly Go Wrong' Front...

    ...a merger of ICANN and the Wikimedia Foundation would really (ahem!) "capitalise on their synergies"™ :-)

  9. Gannon (J.) Dick

    "Last month, ICANN's lawyers asserted that many of the proposed new accountability systems being discussed were illegal under California law."

    Shouldn't that be bent over, in front of ?

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