back to article Australia threatens to pull buckets of astronomy funding

A political impasse is putting at risk Australia's participation in the ginormous Square Kilometre Array (SKA) radio telescope*, along with a slew of other major research science projects. The impasse centres on a plan to "deregulate" Australia's universities by allowing them to charge higher fees to make up for reduced …

  1. LaeMing

    Thus continues...

    The Australian Feral Government's "War on Education".

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Thus continues...

      Just ask the Science Minister.

      Oh wait!

      There isn't one!

      1. rtb61

        Have one of the Other

        Australia made a choice Minister for Science or Minister for government subsidised sport advertising, the ministry of "It's not lying when superstar hero athletes lie about crap products, it's acting".

        That choice of course how well those ego bloated boring douche bag jock straps will stump for their favourite right wing politician and how scientists like to have stupid independent ideas about everything including which politician they will vote for.

        The government of main stream media bullshit 24/7/365, whilst selling out the Australian people to the "now open for business" crowd.

      2. Alan Brown Silver badge

        Re: Thus continues...

        > There isn't one!

        Yes there is, he's over in the corner pointing the bone at anyone he feels is criticising him.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Thus continues...

      Are you saying you Australian education to go the way the left forced British education - the 'everyone must have prizes' dumbing down of the last labour government?

      1. Trevor_Pott Gold badge

        Re: Thus continues...

        Better "everyone must have prizes" than "god did it because foreigners will kill you and take your jobs".

      2. LaeMing

        Re: Are you saying...

        I don't believe I mentioned the last labor government. If I had, I doubt I would have had anything better to say about them. But a dogged inability to comprehend more than 2 (pretend-opposing) viewpoints is all most people can manage. QED things will never improve.

        1. Trevor_Pott Gold badge

          Re: Are you saying...

          If you're in Australia all you get is one viewpoint but two parties espousing it!

          1. rtb61

            Re: Are you saying...

            You do get a third, your choice, either ignore it and just bend over and take or vote Greens. Very definitely a different non-US controlled viewpoint.

  2. Mark 85

    For a minute there

    I thought I was reading about something the US CongressCritters were doing. Sounds like something they'd pull... add a rider for something to another bill and just generally piss everyone off.

    1. Sorry that handle is already taken. Silver badge

      Re: For a minute there

      Well, these current fuckwits have certainly modelled their bullshit off the work of the USA's teabaggers.

      I'm not angry about the state of everything. No sir.

  3. Winkypop Silver badge

    Chris Pyne

    Proof that higher education doesn't stick with some people...


    1. LaeMing

      Re: Chris Pyne

      To be fair. All their kids get posh private educations enabling them to go on to top-paid roles as industry 'leaders' (full sympathies to the respective industries). There is no benefit to them and theirs in public science - not enough payola for the managers in that field.

      1. Robert Helpmann??

        Re: Chris Pyne

        All their kids get posh private educations...

        Astoundingly, even people who will suffer from the effects of this sort of legislation will buy into it. I had to explain to a coworker a few years back why he should, as a single person with no children, have some of his taxes go to the public school system. He felt that people should have to pay for their kids' education but not for anyone else's. I pointed out that there was a really good reason for him having to pay into the system: so that I don't have to be surrounded by ignoramuses. It astounds me that people who refuse at every step of the way to contribute to the social well-being of their neighbors often attempt to justify their views based on what is good for society.

        My friend has a kid now. I don't think he can afford private school, though.

        1. Adam 1

          Re: Chris Pyne

          To be fair, you friend was never a kid himself and so would never have personally benefited from it.

      2. shaunhw

        Re: Chris Pyne


        There is no benefit to them and theirs in public science - not enough payola for the managers in that field.


        Quite right, but these blood suckers should remember that without science and research there'd be no modern industry and no money for them.


    2. Fluffy Bunny

      Re: Chris Pyne

      If you want stupid and self-interested, you can't go past Bill Shorten. Block everything that's good for Australia.

      Only there still because Labour rewrote their leadership rules to make him unbudge-able. What a failure.

  4. ops4096

    Thugs and Bullies ...

    ... threaten violence if they do not get their way. It really is past time that the "nerds and geeks" stood up and defended themselves. Perhaps if researchers and engineers in critical areas withdrew their labor, oh no's ???

  5. NinjasFTW

    glad I left

    The longer that government stays in power the more happy I become that I left!

    I was always a liberal voter but I can't believe that anyone could support what they are doing to the country.

    Slashing technology/education/environment and accelerating mining/logging of old growth forests/domestic spying/religious establishment in a race to the see if they can fuck up the country for anyone who plans to live for a another 20 years.

    1. Alan Brown Silver badge

      Re: glad I left

      The bad news is that it's not much better anywhere else (and those places which are currently better are being dragged down to this level by their own self-interested politicians.)

  6. Wombling_Free

    If Australians needed science

    then why is there the Bible? ANSWER ME THAT ELITIST SCIENCE SMARTY-PANTS

    - actual quote from Tony 'RedBudgieSmugglers' Abbott.


  7. James 51

    Proof if it were needed that some politicians just don't give a damm about anything except winning.

  8. Adam 1

    This is such a beat up. We know that Prime Minister Turnbull will sort this before June 30.

  9. Christoph

    Don't pay Danegeld

    They will have to vote against the funding. If they give in on this, the government will use the same tactic on everything that comes up.

  10. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Well, you elected them.

    Because it was/is "time for a change" is _never_ a good reason to vote for a party in any election.

  11. Stevie


    Because deregulating universities so they can revitalize revenue streams worked so well in America and the UK.

    Wait: Haven't both those educational structures imposed ruinous debt on the "educated" and caused a Damoclean financial crisis waiting to crash the World economy?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Bah!

      But isn't that exactly what our secret lizardmen/bilderberg overlords want?

      Why oh why is there not a respectable third option?

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Bah!

      People always leave Canada out and I'm pissed about that. Canada is in a free fall damned near as fast as either the US or UK, I'll have you know. Don't let Trudeau's gentle words fool you. I haven't seen anything from him that would lead me to believe that he isn't as neoliberal as either the US or UK. I suppose that if we managed to elect a truly socially democratic government the US would bomb the shit out of us.

  12. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    Is there any gummint...

    ...that doesn't play silly buggers with sci/tech & then go whining about lack of STEM workers?

  13. Gartal

    Dear World

    Dear World

    We here in Australia would like you to invest in an increasingly stupid society. We the government are doing everything we possibly can to hasten a medieval darkness in which knowledge and education are no longer available to anyone by the wealthy.

    We have removed the last scintilla of imagination from Cabinet and have replaced it with cardboard. We found that we were not very good at thinking of policy for ourselves and so have subsumed the wish list of the Australian Chamber of Arseholes in Business and branded it A Way into the Future.

    Although Maggie Thatcher, God rust her box is no longer alive, we pay homage to her Fuckwittist financial theories and seek to emulate them. To that end we have eradicated anything to do with research for which there is not a direct and immediate technological issue. So, CSIRO is now working out of a matchbox, the SKA should just shrivel up and die and we are trying to sell off education to the highest bidder.

    Thank you for your time and here is a brief knock knock joke for you all

    Knock knock

    Who's there?


    Garn who?

    Garn get fucked.

    This has been a Party Political message from the Liberal Antiparty of Australia. All names and places will have been sold or scrapped by the time you read this.

  14. Stevie


    And so begins the Australian version of the education cost death spiral and ensuing debt crisis twenty years down the pike.

    Of course, none of these politicos will be there then to take the blame.

  15. iLurker

    Might as well kill off all funding for the whole Australian education system now and be done with it, saving the taxpayer a huge bundle. Hey we might even get a tax cut !

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