back to article Connected Data gets serious about the business of file sharing

It’s now available in Europe – yep, Connected Data has upped its peer-to-peer, file sync ’n share game with Transporter for Business, a way of sharing files that has no public cloud security risk at all. The Transporter is a cone-shaped device providing private cloud, peer-to-peer file sharing for consumers. There are some 12, …

  1. Sampler


    Transporter 15 with 8TB capacity (6TB usable), 15 users

    Transporter 30 - 12TB (9TB usable), 30 users

    Transporter 75 - 12TB (10 usable), 75 users

    Transporter 150 - 24TB (20TB usable) and, you guessed it, 150 users

    Presumably this means they're RAID5 devices:






  2. lnLog

    Good kit for travelling

    As a one man business registered in the UK but working most of the time in asia, these devices have been invaluable. I can leave one in the UK and take a second with me, sync specified (important) folders between them.

    The advantage of a separate unit locally is that the connection speed is at network levels and my machine does not need to be on for the two to sync up; at whatever the prevailing internet speed is. The most recent update to add versioning has been particularly useful.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Virtual appliance?

    Be an interesting solution if they would release a virtual appliance version.

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