back to article How a HPC array helps humanity destroy the Ebola virus

Deadly diseases like Ebola are frightening. They kill people in horrible ways and destroy the host communities’ ability to fight the spread of the virus. Agencies fighting the outbreak have had to understand where the outbreak is spreading, where communities in its path are most vulnerable and where to focus their treatment and …

  1. RyokuMas

    Why not use World of Warcraft as a testing environment? It worked pretty well before...

  2. DropBear

    And there I was, thinking we're talking about some sort of molecular simulations trying to figure out how to kill that bastard as quickly as possible. Silly me...

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      In that case, you'd probably be interested in the "Outsmart Ebola Together" project running on BOINC's World Community Grid project. A number of the WCG projects are exactly what you're suggesting, molecular simulations to find drugs that inhibit the function of a pathogen. BOINC projects are, of course, heavy on distributed computing and so not as useful for fast response projects like the one described in the article.

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