back to article Twitter probes terror threat: Medieval murder mob ISIS allegedly puts co-founder in crosshairs

Twitter says it is investigating menacing threats made against its employees allegedly by deranged terror bastards ISIS (or IS, or ISIL, or whatever.) The San Francisco-based upstart was warned it faced retaliation attacks for shutting down Twitter accounts operated by ISIS fanatics and their sympathizers. The Mid-East …

  1. x 7

    FFS its about time crowdfunding was put to some use for once to finance a hit contract on whichever sick fuck is behind this ISIL evil. How much would it take for someone close to knock him off???

    There must be one evil bastard behind all this, in the same way as Hitler / Stalin / Mao / Pot were single minds in charge of their evil cancers. Decapitate the movement and it will collapse.

    1. Mark 85 Silver badge

      There is currently one "great evil bastard" ... Catch is, he's been very well funded and is well hidden by probably very well paid and fanatical security. If you want him, follow the money trail and as has been written elsewhere, the trail starts in Saudi Arabia.

      1. Destroy All Monsters Silver badge

        This is a "movement" not a centralized state of the authoritarian sort. So no decapitation strike getter-out. Sorry, based Hollywood-solution lovers, we will be hearing from those guys for some time yet.

        Now ordering Patrick Cockburn's explainer on what this caliphose freakshow is about.

    2. MrDamage

      Don't make a martyr

      As that is exactly how his flunkies will view him once he is taken out "by the forces of the great satan".

      Kidnap, load up with liberal amounts of Ecstasy, poppers, and have him pictured cavorting with loads of nubile and naked young men. Starve him, and then film him chowing down on plenty of pork produce to satisfy his hunger.

      Discredit and destroy. It will be more effective than just killing him.

      1. Dan Paul

        Re: Don't make a martyr

        After all that, dip him in Pig blood, draw and quarter him and then burn the remains and scatter them in the ocean.

  2. Mark 85 Silver badge

    They don't want Twitter shut down?

    Yet, these are the fundies who believe technology is evil?

    There's a dichotomy here in that the evil bastard leader, wears expensive suits and a Rolex under his poor Iman's robes. Driven in a top of the line limo. So while his minions are doing evil and living sparsely and dangerously, this guy is living in the lap of luxury. Do the research, it's out there on him.

    The religion and fundie fanaticism appears to be a ploy for money and power by someone very shrewd and manipulative.

    1. LaeMing

      Re: They don't want Twitter shut down?

      Like all fundamentalists, their doctrine is only inflexible where it concerns what other people can and can't do.

    2. Crazy Operations Guy

      Re: They don't want Twitter shut down?

      To be fair, all that fancy stuff he has was stolen from his victims, so at least he's not wasting money on that crap (the Rolex was off the wrist of the former mayor of Mosul, if I'm remembering correctly)...

      Doesn't really help his position, but still...

      1. LaeMing

        Re: They don't want Twitter shut down?

        Silliest thing is that that (stolen or otherwise) Rolex doesn't actually tell the time any better than my $10 watch from an internet junk store. It is purely a symbol of wealth with no added function from the dollar 'value'. A pure symbol of aristocracy if ever there was one.


        (I used to have fun with street-hawkers in China trying to sell me a 'Rolex' by showing them my plastic sports watch and explaining I already had a watch. They always took the message with good humor.)

  3. ashdav


    It would have read better if :

    "It is not clear whether the Arabic-language post was made by individuals within ISIS, their warped supporters, or a lone nutcase."

    Had been replaced by:

    "It is not clear whether the Arabic-language post was made by individuals within ISIS, their warped supporters, or some other nutcase."

    There are so many these days, of all persuasions.

    1. LaeMing

      Re: There are so many these days

      It is endemic in the human population. Won't be fixed unless all the non-nut-cases do something drastic about it, which they won't on account of not being nutcases.

  4. streaky


    Reg' worried about being sued for libel by ISIS? Twitter have made it clear this is a threat they've received.

    One can be too careful.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    " ISIS (or IS, or ISIL, or whatever.)"

    From what I'm seeing lately, they dislike being referred to as Daesh.

    1. streaky

      All I know is calling them IS bestows legitimacy on them and should not be used.

      1. streaky

        Oh also whilst calling them ISIL makes them sound like they're from the middle ages, which granted - they are - it's also wrong for all sorts of reasons.

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