back to article March 24th: The day most Australian download allowances become inadequate

Netflix has named the day on which its Australian (and New Zealand) service will commence: March 24th, 2015. Smart TVs from Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, Philips and HiSense, plus Fetch TV’s second-generation set-top box, will all be able to access the service. Netflix's home-brand shows will be offered locally, along with …

  1. Jonski

    Can't wait

    for a price war to erupt among the VoD vendors and their multifarious offerings.

    It might almost bring each price down to what I pay currently for torrent and/or usenet access, and I may only have to deal with three or more vendors at that price to achieve coverage of my viewing interests.

    Or something.

  2. Daniel Voyce

    I'm not sure Australian internet can handle this

    I'm one of the lucky ones, I live in an Apartment in inner city Melbourne and the Owners corporation have recently installed Fibre to the Building (Not NBN - private), however before this I was lucky if I got 4mb/s downloads and that was with a small ISP who pretty much only existed to serve this and another apartment block.

    My friends have ADSL with Optus and they are lucky if they get 5mb/s, add that into a house where a few people are sharing this along with around a 120GB a month allowance on the cheaper packages and you have a disaster. There aren't all that many areas where you can get cable internet either.

    IINet have this nailed, they are one of the better performing ISP's here but they still rely on copper unless you are in one of the tiny fraction of areas that can get NBN, by aligning themselves with Netflix on this they will definitely get a head start, I expect others to follow suit fairly soon!

  3. P. Lee Silver badge

    Is this another reason Telstra/Foxtel (and therefore "Liberals") don't want NBN fibre?


  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Proponents ... will be hoping

    Silly me. I thought that proponents of a (capatalised by taxes) National Broadband Scheme were advocating it because of the "educationsl", "medical", "commercial" and "nation building" benefits.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Anyone got Malcolm's address?

    We can all meet there, surely HE has access to decent bandwidth.

    Netflix at my location? Tell 'em they're dreaming!

  6. Owen

    Stan seems to be a bit of a post natal abortion.

    1. The 3rd party login services provider has been down every time I've needed to log on - that's what the helpdesk droid said.

    2. The Stan android app service doesn't accept that my android device has an Ethernet port and will only access the Internet for Stan via WiFi. (Unsupported hardware they said - it's a SolidRun)

    3. Streaming bandwidth capacity seems to be inadequate. Trying to watch Brian Cox's Universe on SD rather than HD even was unplayable last night due to drop-outs when other (ABC / Quikflix) streaming was fine.

    4. Most of the Stan films are old . . .

    Looking forward to Netflix (as long as they have BBC programmes).

  7. Michael Xion

    Broadband cap shouldn't be a problem

    I have ADSL with 9mbps/1mbps (roughly speaking) in rural Qld and a 50GB month quota. Most nights my wife watches movies on Netflix (US) whilst I play destiny on xbox one. We rarely hit the monthly allowance cap. YMMV, and yes, sometimes the movies stream in SD, and no, we don't have a bunch of teenage children also on our network (2 person household).

  8. Thorne

    What they fail to mention...

    Is that Netflix in Australia isn't the same as the US due to licencing deal with Foxtel thus the offerings is reduced.

    So it's back to pirating or a VPN for everybody......

    1. Steven Roper

      Re: What they fail to mention...

      Yep. You can bet that Game of Thrones, the show that made Australia famous for piracy, won't be in Netflix's lineup because that greedy bastard Murdoch wants you to pay $120 a month for premium Foxtel to watch that one show. I can see a massive uptake in VPN subscriptions from Australia as soon as the new copyright enforcement regime comes in and people start getting nasty letters from their ISPs!

  9. drekka

    Malcolm will save us

    Because it was he who said that we don't need fibre. He said our current copper wires are good enough. And they wonder why they are getting voted out everywhere.

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