back to article Jolla launches Sailfish 2.0, now with added security

Jolla, the smouldering platform which was born out of Nokia’s decision to go Microsoft, has announced its new version of the Sailfish OS. The special ingredient in version 2.0 is security, achieved via a deal with Finland's SSH Communications Security, the company which provides internet-based secure end-to-end communications …

  1. msknight

    This article...

    ..beat my update notice on the phone!

    Updating now ... fingers crossed!

    Stand down - only version is being downloaded.

    Still, I started using an Android 7" tab and after using Sailfish since the initial launch, I have to say that I prefer the gesture control over the push-button operation.

    1. davidp231

      Re: This article...

      And depending on who made your Android tab, you could have the option of slapping Sailfish onto it. I mean (for example) you can stick Sailfish OS onto a Google Nexus (orignal - the HTC one), or a Galaxy S2. There are more but those are off the top of my head.

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: This article...

        "There are more but those are off the top of my head."

        AFAICS few if any of the Sailfish ports are anywhere near prime time ready, and the degree of support and information is sadly lacking. If Jolla want to gain some traction, then get a fully working version of Sailfish out there for download and install (for a fee). I know they can't port to any or even most devices, but surely it's not too much to ask for FULLY working versions for Sammy S3, S4?

        I'd happily pay for a working version, but for free I'm simply not ready to install a bug-laden OS that can't operate the camera, and probably waves goodbye to GPS and Bluetooth. That's OK for beta testers, but how long has Sailfish been launched now?

  2. msknight

    I might actually do that once 2 is out and stable. Tab 3 and Asus 7 HD 2013 version.

  3. Wheels

    I ordered the tablet a while ago but don't particularly want the company to become successful. I'm hoping for some security by obscurity from malware, adware and trackware. Yes, I know it's Linux based and nearly everyone can customize existing malware for Sailfish, but why would they even bother at this point. Just plan to run the browser. Don't care about any apps.

  4. phil dude

    free os...

    Who cares if M$ gives away their tablet OS for free?

    (See icon).


  5. James 51

    That is probably the first time there has been a positive comment about the playbook I have seen on el reg. A nice surprise. The jolla tablet is top of my list to replace my playbook finally dies (over three years and still going strong).

    It will be interesting to see if they develop something like the bridge or blend between the handsets and the tablets.

  6. Piloti

    The bees knees, the wasps nipples.....

    I have had my Jolla ‘phone for about 16 months now and I have stumped up the cash as part of the first round of funding for the Jolla tablet. The ‘phone is brilliant.

    OK, spec wise, it may not be top of the list when doing the numbers comparison, but that is not the point. The UI on Sailfish is superb, quick, slick and very easy to use. The UI makes a mockery of the numbers arms race that Apple and the Android makers seem to think is how to do things.

    When I read Ives comments about design a few weeks ago it beggars belief that just how poor the Apple UX is when Jolla can produce the beauty that is Sailfish.

    For anybody who wants a secure, solid device, with a UX that /is/ years ahead of the dross that is Android and IOS, I will recommend the Jolla / Sailfish combination from now until Hades develops an ice cap.

    1. ScissorHands

      Re: The bees knees, the wasps nipples.....

      Apart from some additions, most of Sailfish's UX is a dumbed-down version of the Nokia N9. It was a shame that Jolla couldn't leave with *that* on their small boat...

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: The bees knees, the wasps nipples.....

        Nothing could be further from the truth, actually, having owned & used both.

        Sailfish 2 looks to be moving that way, though. But it's only early days there.

        Harmattan (N9) was a dumbing down compared to Freemantle (N900


        Mostly in good ways, but a lot of poor ways, too (mainly below the UI).

      2. Piloti

        Re: The bees knees, the wasps nipples.....


        Not sure I would say "dumbed down", more, enhanced, streamlined. I've migrated from N9 to Jolla and the only thing missing [not yet delivered?] is a SIP client. Still, the N9 was exceptional by dint of having a SIP client.

    2. NinjasFTW

      Re: The bees knees, the wasps nipples.....

      I am looking to replace my Nexus 4 soonish as its been dropped one time to many.

      I would really like to replace it with a Jolla phone but there are two things that I regularly use phone for (outside of making calls/txts)

      1) exchange sync with work. I had a look a few months ago but couldn't find any definite proof that it was supported in a corporate environment

      2) Sky Go app

      I'm highly dubious that the Sky Go app will be ported any time soon but could probably live without it. The lack of secured device exchange sync is unfortunately the big killer for me.

      If that worked then I would buy one tomorrow

      Does anyone have any information that would confirm/deny the above points?

      1. Piloti

        Re: The bees knees, the wasps nipples.....

        @ NinjasFTW There is support for MS Exchange through the Exchange application. I won't say it will work in /your/ work world, but it does work in mine.

        Sky Go, never heard of it, but...... Sailfish does sandbox Android applications. For example, I use the BBC News stuff, which works wonderfully. The stuff that does not work are the very specific Google things that require the Google back end. But then, if you /need/ Google, you probably should have an Android.

        1. davidp231

          Re: The bees knees, the wasps nipples.....

          It's possible to install Play store though if you really really need it, but Amazon app store should cater for 99% of needs.

  7. Permidion

    "There is virtually no native support for Jolla"

    what does that mean exactly?

    it cant be the apps because I have found all the native apps I need without having to use the android compatibility layer.

  8. Ken 16 Silver badge

    Doomed, but I want one

    Because of it's swipe UI, I see the Jolla Tablet as the logical successor to my Blackberry Playbook. I am however a tragically limited market. (Parse that how you will)

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