back to article Revival of fortune: Mad Catz Mojo Android gaming micro console

Like the Kickstarter poster-child Ouya, Mad Catz’ Mojo was sent before its time into this breathing world, scarce half made up. Or to put it in a less Shakespearean way, it lacked the full Google Play experience and was a bit pricey. Mad Catz has now had a pop at fixing both those failings. The price has dropped from £220 to a …

  1. auburnman

    Anyone know if the OUYA has cleaned up it's act since the lacklustre launch? Mine has been gathering dust pretty much since the day they forced you to enter credit card details at setup.

    1. PunkTiger

      I like my Ouya... he says, sheepishly.

      Yes, you still need a credit card or a prepaid Ouya card to complete the setup, much like you need a credit card or a prepaid Google Play card when you want to get things on your Android device from the Play store. Ouya cards are sold at Target stores in the US (I don't know about countries outside the US, so I'm sorry if that doesn't apply to you). That said, you could get a prepaid MasterCard or Visa at your local convenience store and use that to set it up if you feel uncomfortable with using your personal card.

      Ouya's current selection has grown to well over 1000 games and apps in their store, some even being made by well-known developers (JackBox, Farsight, Square Enix, etc.). The OS has been updated numerous times since you last turned on your system, so there are improvements overall. If your system is just "collecting dust," I suggest you find someone else to give/sell it to who will at least find some enjoyment from it instead of it being a source of irritation.

      All that being said, I really like my Ouya a great deal. It just fits my style as a casual gamer who doesn't need the latest and greatest. For that matter, a friend of mine got one of his own after playing around with mine, so there's that.

      Wait... someone who actually LIKES the Ouya?? He must be a troll! Let the downvoting commence!

      1. auburnman

        Re: I like my Ouya... he says, sheepishly.

        I used the Play store long before I gave my credit card details, because there are thousands of free and ad-supported apps and putting in credit card details is a step that you can skip if you want. This isn't the case for OUYA, and the mandatory cc (or other electronic financial instrument) was only revealed AFTER people had backed OUYA.

  2. Montague Wanktrollop


    Is this just a geek project to see how far Android can be taken? I use Android on phone and tablet but as a dedicated gaming machine?

    C'mon, I can get an Xbox 360 for around 130 klebbies, why would I want this crap?

    1. Danny 14

      Re: Why?

      different tools for different jobs. You will probably be able to get second hand ones of these for less in months to come. A couple of games for the xbox will set you back more than the console alone whereas decent android games wont break the bank.

      Since this will install xbmc then you will have a media center, gaming machine and general PC (after adding a Bluetooth keyboard).

      for £120 sounds like a plan.

      1. Alpha Tony

        Re: Why?

        If you shop around for £120 you can get a second hand playstation 3 and a load of games on Ebay.

        The games are still much better than anything you can play on this, the PS3 can act as a media server plus it has a blu ray player. I agree with the original poster - Why on earth would you spend £120 to play phone games on your TV?

  3. Unicornpiss

    It's a cute device...

    And compatibility with the Play Store is definitely useful. But for most folks, unless you need to use it as a poor man's PC, why wouldn't you just get Amazon's Fire TV? The specs are similar, it's cheaper, and it's not a bad little rig. And why didn't Mad Catz build the Bluetooth into the box instead of making you use a dongle?

    1. Dave 126 Silver badge

      Re: It's a cute device...

      So you can put the Bluetooth dongle on the end of a USB extension cable to improve its range, maybe. My PVR benefits from having its WiFi dongle on an extension cable , just to get out of the WiFi shadow behind the TV.

      1. Danny 14

        Re: It's a cute device...

        exactly, you can always hang a hub from the remaining port (which is usb 3 at least!). This can be placed somewhere out of site and an extension cable used to put the Bluetooth receiver in a better place.

  4. Ian K

    Video Machine

    Hmmm - this is interesting. The article mentions the box being used to play videos via VLC...I wonder if it's got enough grunt and connectivity to manage XBMC[1], with ripped DVDs on a NAS box....

    [1] Or whatever the hell they've decided to call it this week.

    1. Fuzz

      Re: Video Machine

      It will almost certainly be fine, but so is a raspberry pi 2 for less than half the price.

      1. Danny 14

        Re: Video Machine

        and the raspberry pi 2 works just fine with DTS 1080p (ripped from blurays). very impressed with mine.

    2. funtasticguy

      Re: Video Machine

      It plays XBMC/Kodi like a dream whether it is streaming 1080p videos or playing them off from a portable hard drive plugged into it. My MOJO is set up to automatically load XBMC as soon as it boots up. From there I can watch videos or play Android games or emulators off the XBMC interface using "SuperFolder" (an addon for XBMC Android).

      It's just awesome!

    3. Manolo

      Re: Video Machine

      Since the Ouya manages just that with ease, this thing should certainly be able to do that.

    4. Michael Habel

      Re: Video Machine

      Or whatever the hell they've decided to call it this week.

      I think they decided to call it Kodi...

    5. Ian K
      Thumb Up

      Re: Video Machine

      Thanks to all who responded on this - XMBC/Kodi, here I come!

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Controller is not well made.

    No it isn't - I can see those cheap scratchable silver spray painted buttons in your photo....

    [Gamepad] "It’s solid, ergonomically sound and well made."

  6. GitMeMyShootinIrons

    Might be a nice Thin Client.

    Keyboard and mouse, plus (insert Terminal Solution of the day) client. And it'll play games too.

  7. MJI Silver badge

    How does it compare to?

    The slightly cheaper Playstation TV?

  8. Voland's right hand Silver badge

    How about a review for titles with proper gamepad support

    Two titles off the top of my head:

    1. Leo's Fortune

    2. Galaxy on Fire HD

    If those two play decently I may actually shell for this device (as it will be an effective pacifier).

  9. Tim Jenkins


    "But if you are looking at something like Facebook on a 42-inch TV you may as well just l̶̲̅o̶̲̅g̶̲̅-̶̲̅i̶̲̅n̶̲̅ ̶̲̅t̶̲̅h̶̲̅r̶̲̅o̶̲̅u̶̲̅g̶̲̅h̶̲̅ ̶̲̅C̶̲̅h̶̲̅r̶̲̅o̶̲̅m̶̲̅e̶̲̅ GET A F*CKING LIFE!"

    Sorry; it's been a tough day...

  10. Ugotta B. Kiddingme

    UK users getting screwed on price?

    probably due to currency fluctuations, but the Mad Catz US site has it for £119 which, by today's conversion rate is USD$184 or a bit under €164.

    Yet, that same page shows the EU price as €149 and US price as USD$150. Perhaps the difference is VAT? I don't pretend to understand European tax structures nor how they factor into online purchases.

    1. Epobirs

      Re: UK users getting screwed on price?

      GameStop lists it for $125 but doesn't appear to actually stock it anymore. none for online purchases and the inventory checker indicates none in stores within 100 miles. As that includes most of Los Angeles, Ventura, and Orange counties in Southern California I'm inclined to think they've largely passed from US retail.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: UK users getting screwed on price?

      > US price as USD$150

      As I understand it the cousins never quote sales tax on prices whereas we always do. So $150 + 20% sales tax is....$180.

  11. Mage
    Thumb Down

    Google’s thirty-quid dongles can put Android on your telly just as well as a Mojo.

    Er .. no.

    Because it needs a tablet, phone or Laptop. If you have those, then an HDMI cable may replace the Chromecast.

    Chromecast is not in same league of thing as this at all.

  12. Michael Habel

    Hoo hum

    I kinda fail to see any difference between say this and say any other gernric Andorid Box. And, personally I'd rather go for the MINIX Neo x8h Plus. Yes that does NOT come stock with a Bluetooth Pad. But, those don't cost the World either. And, then you could also enjoy some 802.11ac + h.265 >720p in Hardware.

    So I guess the question here is is the 1.8GHz Tegra better then Amlogics S812 + Mali 450?

    1. Flocke Kroes Silver badge

      The difference is USB 3

      Gigabit ethernet + USB3 is a rare combination on ARMs, and pushes you over half way to the cost of an Intel box. I started reading more carefully when I saw USB3. A quick check of what is available puts Mad Catz Mojo on the short list for when I need a new high spec cheap silent computer.

      Recovering a big spinning disk from backup over USB2 should take about 50 hours. Half that if you have 2 USB2 interfaces (most of the time, the hardware is a few USB1 interfaces, a USB2 interface, and a port multiplexer that will assign USB1 interfaces to ports with a USB1 devices attached until it runs out of USB1 interfaces. All the remaining ports share the same USB2 interface). USB3 would be limited by the sustained transfer rate of a spinning disk (~7 hours for a 4TB disk). eSata + an Sata hub should be quick too, if the chips are compatible. (You are lucky to get 1 Sata port on an ARM. I have never seen 2).

      USB3 has value, but it is not something I need every day.

      1. Michael Habel

        Re: The difference is USB 3

        Why in the name of tap-dancing christ would you'd even want USB3 on a Droid Box for? I thought the point was... Well looking at this from a VoD Service. The Cloud?

        If I ever so needed a major interface to run, as you say Spinning Rust. There are plenty of other cheap and cheatful Chinese Boxes that'll offer you up a full SATA II + the Power Connection. Which I'm sure is at least as fast, or faster the USB3.

        For me its more about WiFi & Wired speeds. I'm not saying your wrong. I just have a different idea of usage then you. To be fair though I've been somewhat less the impressed by the Desktop Replacement capabilities have left me less then impressed. But as a VDR / XBMC/Kodi replacement for a 450W HTPC? Its fanfreakingtastic!

        If you have that much of a hardon for Intel Atoms, there are some coming out (If they're not out already!), that can run both Windows 8.1, or Android. Though I'm a bit hazy on the exact specs.

  13. Epobirs

    Android Gamepad support list

    Not sure how frequently this is updated but it may come in handy for any considering such a device.

  14. sibster

    As a user of a madcat flightstick

    I can safely say that something will break on it sooner then later

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