back to article Barclays punts instant Twitter mobile payments app – best avoid while drunk

UK banking giant Barclays has confirmed plans to allow Brits and small businesses to use their, er, Twitter handle to make payments online. Customers who use Barclays' mobile payment service Pingit on Android phones and iOS slabs will be able to pay others via Twitter as of 10 March, the bank said. Barclays mobe banking boss …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    looks like...

    ...a new funding model for ISIS then? Daily Wail will love this.

  2. Sir Barry

    They can keep it

    No thanks!

    I find a debit card or cold hard cash to be very effective and this looks to be completely pointless.

    1. Firefox

      Re: They can keep it

      ...oh it is, completely pointless...

      ...until you have no cold-hard-cash on you - and then it's actually pretty useful and easy to use (it's been around for ages, only the Twitter aspect is new. Don't knock it until you've tried it.

      For a technology magazine the first 2 comments sound pretty Ludite. "Electronic payments, good heavens, what is this madness."

      1. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: They can keep it

        Take a look at the Daily Mail sometime, you will find that twitter is the route of all evil, it does nothing other than sending pictures of naked people to kids and is doing nothing to stop teenage girls following jihadi's. It's also on a rampage about encrypted messages allowing people to talk to each other in private.

        It see's no irony about it constantly bitching how MI5 and the Police "hacked" into journalists voicemails and phones.

      2. Dr. Mouse Silver badge

        Re: They can keep it

        For a technology magazine the first 2 comments sound pretty Ludite.

        I have to agree.

        Personally, I have not used Pingit, yet. However, I regularly use bank transfers to/from my friends and family instead of exchanging paper money. For me, I already have them set up, so it is simpler to use that than Pingit. However, I would certainly try Pingit/Paym for a new payee, or for someone I would only be paying once.

        The twitter handle thing doesn't interest me, but I see nothing wrong with them implementing an additional way to address the transfer. I can see sending to a Facebook account or email address coming next.

  3. John Arthur

    Barclays mobe banking boss Darren Foulds crowed:

    "We are always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to make people’s lives easier"

    So, Darren, you know exactly where you can stick any banking service that is one of the "new and exciting ways".


  4. Velv Silver badge

    Paying by Twitter handles,Mehta could possibly go wrong...

    Like when The Rangers Football Club launched a fighting fund to save the club but published the wrong PayPal address, and BlueNose the Clown received thousands of pounds unexpectedly.

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