back to article New Dell boxes reverberate with Blue Thunder

Dell has revealed a range of new hyper-converged XC appliances, running on Nutanix software and containing 13G PowerEdge servers. The appliances converge compute, storage and networking functions and are the second wave of such machines, following Dell's announcement of an OEM deal with Nutanix in June 2014. They form part of …

  1. thegreatsatan

    no memory?

    Kind of a big omission is the amount of usable memory on each of those boxes. Can you update.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: no memory?

      Yep was surprised too, started getting interested and got to the table, then, whats the point if I only know half the story =p

  2. phuzz Silver badge
    IT Angle


    So, this "hyper-converged XC appliance", as far as I an tell this is a server with a bunch of disks (and some SSDs).

    So what exactly does "hyper-converged XC appliance" mean?

    What is it converging on?

    What makes it's convergence so extraordinary that it's 'hyper'?

    And does 'appliance' mean anything more than 'we'd like you to buy a lot of identical ones'?

  3. WageSlave

    Hyper-Converged = Scale-out, rather than scale-up. Config Details

    I'm not the Dell XC product manager, but can help out to clarify some of the questions:

    When we talk about Hyper-Converged,it generally means a horizontally-scalable infrastructure (yes, that's lots of the same stuff), so it's a Cloud-based approach, rather than the legacy "Monolithic" design. So apart from the physical switching, everything else is run on standardised servers, in software, which massively reduces the operational silos, and brings flexibility, scalability in small steps, and the ability to re-use if you don't like the software stack - I call this the "escape route" from vendor lock-in strategies.

    For a summary of XC, visit and you can see all the config options at:

    Memory and CPU choice are flexible, with recommendations for Tee-Shirt sizes (S, M, L), but plenty of choice to match your workload.

    Memory is from min 4 to max 24 DIMMs DDR4 per appliance, installed in pairs, 16GB and 32GB RDIMMS, yielding from 64GB to 768GB per server.


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